Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Insound represses 2 classic singles

Insound has decided to repress a couple of classic singles from the Ramones and The Replacements...I love this idea, I mean why shouldn't singles be available to whoever wants them. Only to a point I guess...there's only 1000 of them being repressed, but that's a great start. The originals of course will still be just as valuable, don't panic...but not to me. If they are faithfully reproduced by insound with the same sleeve...down to the barcode, well then that's just as good in my book. I just want to hear it.

I could see this happening with a bunch of essential singles like this. Who doesn't want to put on 'Tv Party tonight' sometimes or '8 miles high'....or 'Waiting room'. I have no idea if the ones I have a reprints or represses...the point is what they represent, on 7" vinyl...that's how they came out, that's my tiny way of reenacting that time period.

There's so much weirdo bootleg Ramones stuff out there it's hard to keep it straight, but for collectors....and not nerd collectors of objects, but collectors of the music, this is exactly what you want to close to the original as you can get.

Sure... Damien Hurst didn't put this shark in the tank, but we know how he did it based on his notes, so we remade it as close as possible. Can you tell the difference? Scholars and art critics can, but the concept is there for anyone to know maybe it's closer to reprinting a book. They are words on a page for gods sake! Who needs a first edition! Have you even read it! Do you know how important these singles are! Or maybe if you have an original you can actually hear it for once. Go ahead put it on the turntable.
Bottom line, if I could order any single I wanted from some kind of 'single-on-demand' service I would...and I'd want everyone to be able to do the same.

Like with all of Jay's singles, I just wish they pressed more...they certainly could have sold was a little disingenuous as Matador to press them in less and less limited numbers. It's a story, and might make for some extra coverage here and there....but it might have pissed a few people off with what seemed like a way to profit off not pressing enough.
I love the singles, don't get me wrong...and I have as many as I could possibly/luckily get, but it's always going to kill me a little I can't hear those last few.

So way to go Insound, I'm hoping you team up with Rhino again to do this with more releases. It's a public service.

Insound has announced that it will be working with labels and distributors to bring back to the market essential, out-of-print punk, post-punk and indie 7” singles. The initiative kicks off today as Insound teams with Rhino Entertainment for the exclusive reissue of two long out-of-print 7” records -- The Ramones California Sun EP and The Replacements I’ll Be You. Neither available for decades, these 7” records have become highly collectable and sought after by fans. Limited to 1,000 copies each, they are now available for pre-order exclusively from Insound and are expected to ship before early June. The singles will be re-pressed on premium vinyl with the original artwork. More about the releases:

1California Sun (Live)
2I Don't Want To Walk Around With You (Live)
3I Want To Be Your Boyfriend

The Ramones – California Sun EP: Originally released on Sire Records in 1976 and back in print for the first time in over 30 years, The Ramones California Sun EP features the title track plus I Don't Want To Walk Around With You taped live at The Roxy on 8/12/1976. The B-side is the unforgettable studio version of I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend. This EP is highly sought after by Ramones collectors and goes for steep prices on the open market. For more details click here.

1I'll Be You
2Date To Church (Feat. Tom Waits)

The Replacements – I’ll Be You 7” Single: Back in print for the first time since the original release in 1989, this superb single from the Minnesota legends’ Don’t Tell a Soul album also contains a Non-LP B-side song Date To Church featuring the inimitable Tom Waits. The long out-of-print single is essential for Replacements and Tom Waits fans. For more details click here.

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