Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jeffrey Novak on Sweet Rot records

Jeffrey Novak has done it again, this time on Sweet Rot. I have to say I'm loving Cheap Time and all the solo singles I can get my hands on. I hadn't even heard about this when I saw it on the shelf the other day, so I rushed home to give it a listen and see if this was still available anywhere.
He has this really amazing layered stylized pop punk approach. It's reminding me of the Kinks better tracks. There's always a playfulness that comes out in the weird experimental composition. It's really contemporizing where so many things from the 60's left off and avoids sounding dated by completely embracing this sound...or the best parts. Harmonizing with the distorted guitar. A deliberate bassline, with his stutter verse talking delivery and layers of vocals chorus. It's always interesting, there's so much going on working together seamlessly.

Short Trip Home is the A-Side. I really wouldn't imagine this is from the same guy in Cheap Time, it's very different...the way it meanders around the tune, the complex carefully places pieces. It's a really introspective side of Cheap Time.
One of A Kind, the flip, is equally as great, they're right. The effects on the's warm sounding but a little off in the distance with a little distorted vibrato on it. This weird ending of vocal sounds, off beat drums, cowbell is a perfect example of how he can really put these elements together that sound simultaneously crazy and amazing.

Goner records has it, I got mine at Academy

SRR-11 - JEFFREY NOVAK "One of a Kind" b/w "Short Trip Home" 7"
After turning quite a few heads with his self-released debut LP and Shattered Records 7", Jeffrey Novak (Cheap Time) is back with another two song hit single of A+ worthy pop. Both songs are so good, we had to flip a coin to pick the A-side. His second LP "Baron in the Trees" will be coming out next year on In the Red Records. This is a one time only pressing on black vinyl.

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