Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nodzzz on What's your rupture

I don't even know why I was at What's your rupture's site, I think originally I was going to write about a different single they had....the Silver Shampoo single, which I'll have to get to later. I didn't even get a chance to check it out once I saw this new Nodzzz single, which the first orders come with a
cassette of a live new years eve show...pretty bad ass. I'm looking for an old 4 track now.
They need to make one of those cassette players that has a cd burner in it... Like those ridiculous record's almost gotten to that point. 'Convert those old cassettes to CD!' Four your dad...fathers day...Sure.
It's funny...I was reading some post somewhere talking about watching people leaving a Wavves show or something at Market Hotel where the amount of people leaving with LP's was insane. Unless you just couldn't see the CD's in peoples pockets. It's not just strikes me sometimes as cool because I think I'm the only nerd obsessed with this shit.

I found this site the other day, which is either some kind of snuggie or a genius Nodzzz marketing move...either way it fits.

These are the glory days for the dozzz...their perfect sound.
I can't wait to hear some new material from these guys, to hear where they might be thinking of taking this California weird pop.
I'm not even going to speculate about instrumentation, or how this could go off the's perfect now... why would you want to even bring it up you cynical bastard?

Nodzzz proves you don't have to be recording by reversing the polarity on headphones with a fisher price tape recorder. It doesn't have to be based on joy division. It's fun to play...the band seems like they have it together and are making a really successful go at it. They are going to remain an example of hitting all the right notes...I'm jealous.


Nodzzz 7" True To Life b/w Good Times Crowd available July 13th Early pre-orders will come with the Live on New Years Cassette immediately.


A:True To Life
B:Good Times Crowd

New Years Eve San Francisco 12.31.08


A:Is She there?
We are the Only Animals
Controlled Karaoke
In the City(Contact High)
B:I have Bad News
Old Clothes
True to Life/Art School
Good Times Crowd


  1. Hey,

    Figured you were more likely to see it here, but, yes, you can subscribe to my show on itunes.

    check it here

    let me know if this doesn't work for you.

    Keep them 7"s coming...

    PS. New Mayyors 12" pre-order on mt st mtn today!

  2. Mark,
    thanks a lot, I have to figure out submitting mine to itunes...nice work. I saw that preorder! I'm on it.