Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jeffrey Novak on Shattered Records

Still haven't pulled the trigger on the shattered records singles club...I'm still torn up about it...but I'm glad this single is still available from Goner records as of this morning. I think this was released a little while back and was out immediately...this is a repress? Or maybe it's official release. Either way, it's not long for this world.

Home Sweet Home has this great fast jumpy piano melody and Jeff's staccato delivery. It's hard to keep to keep up with's going to take some time for everything to sink in. An organ works in a weird carnival way with the piano. It just sounds super Kinks, a little bit 60's or 70's English, thanks to the accent that is killing me. It's almost an impression...almost Ween because it's done so sincerely.

Three Sisters is genius.... each verse is sung back and forth where he kind of steps on his previous line describing these three sisters. It's a little distorted on one side, then answered with a more echoed verse. I love that it's not too precious, the verses can be just a little off, slightly out of time. The concept, the melody is more important than getting this perfect. It's a little punk nod to listeners...even though I completely know what I'm doing, I don't want to get too technical. The amount of material that's packed into two minutes is staggering...I'm hearing new lines every time. I feel like it's really similar to the 'Penny and Jenny' side of Cheap Time's latest. The way he delivers lyrics kind of singing up and down a scale is completely his's a really original blend of elements from the garage 60's to punk 80's...the best.

Jay is recording Jeff's full length at his studio and that's a pretty deadly combination of songwriting/production.

The shattered records blog says:

Also the very first single on Jay's newly re-launched Shattered Records is available as high-quality MP3s on Jay's site right now: Jeffrey Novak's "Home Sweet Home" b/w "Three Sisters." Jeffrey is the leader of Cheap Time but has been on a solo tear recently with this single, a new album After The Fall coming out on Shattered Records this summer, and a 2nd full length being recorded right now by Jay at Shattered Studios in Memphis. You can listen and buy it here .

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