Monday, June 8, 2009

Sneakers on Permanent Records

Just heard about this single from Permanent records (in Chicago) who have been releasing a few things lately I've been meaning to check out...but then a 7" comes along and I had to see what this band was about.
It makes perfect sense that a store like this would get into the pressing game...if you have a store like this you are obsessed with music. Who couldn't see themselves, if given the chance, owning a store someplace like this just to supplement your record buying're obsessed anyway, why not try to make it a full time job? I have to say it's a little bit of a dream of mine too.

The only thing I could find out about Sneakers was the track 'Chick Freaked out' on Permanents myspace. It's female vocal heavy echo delay on top a really stuttered fuzzed out guitar over a some nice drum work. It's super speed bluesy in double time...the beat is really carrying this into more than your standard garage punky recording. The vocals are wailing, I like the washed out yelling vocals over this tight catchy rhythm section. I hope they keep up this energy on the other side.

I admit I checked it out when they said for fans of Wavves, but I don't really hear the connection. It's a pop Los Llamaradas...I didn't know about the other project, Cave either, but this drummer is great. The one track of Cave on the myspace is kind of Health sounding, but those guys are all over the place anyway. It's feedback distortion droney dark...with a pounding tribal percussion underneath.

You can get this right from the myspace page, they have a paypal button right below the release...

SNEAKERS-Children Into People 7” (Permanent/PERM005) $6.99 “The fifth jam in the Permanent Records label discography is also our first 7”, the Sneakers "Children Into People EP". Sneakers consists of Rex (Cave’s drummer) and Zach (former Cave bassist) and "Children Into People" is their debut vinyl release. The grooves within contain some of the catchiest weird punk jams you’ll ever lay ears on. For fans of: Cave, This Heat, Wavves. 7” with tri-fold cover. Limited to 500.”


  1. Oh man! Gotta cop this.

    I highly recommend you scope out the Cave album, Hunt Like Devil/Jamz

    DL it here

    Awesome stuttery kraut metal workout. Not too unlike mid-period Oneida.

    Had a chance to visit Permanent when I visited Chicago last year. I have to say that outta the dozen record stores I visited on my trip, Permanent was the best.

  2. Mark,
    Hey, thanks for the link...I'm definitely into this. I'm kicking myself I didn't make more of an effort to go to Permanent when I was visiting.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it. New album dropping on Important. 500 copies only, I believe. Psychic Psummer. Should be a winner

  4. Wow...I'll have to keep checking in on them then.
    Hey I might have to pick your brain about the itunes feed thing sometime...I want to get that working on 7inches.