Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Teeners on Super Secret Records

This came in for review from Super Secret records the other day and I'll be damned if it isn't a one sided hardcore/punk single. I'm sure that's not really the first...but it is the first to have grooves on the blank side and nothing coming out....did I have to play it? Yes I did....just to make sure there weren't any secret messages.
It makes it nice for me I have to say...I don't have to get up but once to just put the needle back at the beginning...none of this flipping sides over crap!
Thanks Super Secret, you made my life a little bit easier this morning.

Here's the thing with this genre, it's all in the subtlety, the little things in recording and style but even more it's their live show. The record is a document, but an imperfect one. A band like this is a little lost on me. I will never be able to keep up with all the hardcore and punk singles that are out's a huge field that gets bigger everyday...there's a lot of pissed off people out pressing singles, and they should. That entire genre was and still is the 7" format. Someone needs to write that book, it's just definitely not me. It's like reggae/dub scene...the whole world was the 45 single, you were lucky to last long enough to make it to a full length. I saw this documentary where someone would record and in the same day press a record and play it that night and then a few weeks later they take the piles of singles that didn't sell and melt them back down. You had to put your money where your mouth was and spend a couple hundred bucks and xerox the sleeve The Teeners. Draw some rats doing fucked up things... call it a day. We have a show to do.
It's abrasive distorted yelling...I started listening to the Mayyors because it's my only frame of reference, the speed, the energy. Johnny is impressively gutteral, he's punishing himself for something. Lisa provides a steady pummeling foundation and probably is releived this tempo is brief. It's that fucked up angry punk garage sound with chords, 3 quick songs to grate your teeth to and hope you don't run into these guys.

You know if you're into this.

From Super Secret:

New Teeners 7" Gold out now. The second 7" from Austin seminal garage band. Get your copy soon while they last. $4

Well they're probably really nice guys...isn't that how it goes?

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