Monday, July 27, 2009

Amoeba - my west coast pilgrimage

Cue angels singing....I never have time enough to see any other section of Amoeba other than the 7" singles's amazing. I keep thinking I'll move to San Francisco just to live near this store and figure out how to make money later.

If you have never been there, this is a small view of just the new arrivals section. To your lower left in the photo is the recent used singles rack and this pic doesn't continue on to the left where there is a wall of boxes and boxes of singles for .50.

Complete list to follow.

Don't fuck with Amoeba. I don't know exactly what stashing is...maybe jamming them in another section? But then how do they find them and pull all of them off the floor? What if you were coming right back?
They had everything....Ty Segall that was sold out everywhere else, Jeff Novak new stuff, you name it. Insane.
But please stop stashing, they will kick your ass.

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