Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blue Ribbon Glee Club on whister records

This isn't actually out yet, but here's the heads up anyway...Go ahead and listen to their myspace, a college glee club group performing punk's good for a laugh....Spanish Bombs is pretty good, and California Uber Alles is insanely annoying.
I love it though, it makes me happy they went this far and recorded a single and pressed it. Not quite yet for sale, I think I grabbed this description from scratch records, but I can't quite remember. There's a lot more to say about what this says about picking these particular songs to perform in this style, the novelty factor, what a fitting end this is for The Dead Kennedys, but Amoeba records in san francisco is calling....

The label Whistler records, says coming soon still, and I've been checking back for the past month.

Blue Ribbon Glee Club
A Cappella Uber Alles
PS, US "These locals tip the scales at around 30 members, culled from the lineups of other Chicago groups, but you can't blame that on the Polyphonic Sufjan mega-band trend-
they're a bona fide glee club. Their sound is so wobbly, so amateur & informal, that calling them a choir would be a bit grandiose, and they plunge into the songs they've chosen-
mostly punk & indie-rock standards. They ooh & aah & bomp-bomp-baah their way through Fugazi's "Waiting Room" & the Clash's "Spanish Bombs," bringing out the
songs' latent whimsy. Performances are entirely a cappella, save for some sparse drumming or tambourine shaking-they even sing the riffs & solos." CHICAGO READER

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