Thursday, July 30, 2009

Deathbomb + tik///tik split on Entropic Tarot records (deathbomb arc)

Ok, ...we're kind of back...kind of because the jet lag is still with me and there's a huge pile of singles on my coffee table, more packed away from miles of travel, and I can't deal with opening any of it. I can't even hope to get caught up, I don't know where to start.
This single caught my eye this morning though, so it's what I'm going with.

It looks like tik///tik is part of the insanity that has been developing on the west coast, I'd be real interested to read, or see some kind of noise east coast, west coast graph, map what-have-you to get a better sense of if there is some kind of geographic sound difference going on. Again I ask myself if that's even possible or relevant when it's all out there 24hrs a day, whatever you're into. I still believe what bands/sounds are immediately around you influence you in different ways. You could listen to everything on Not Not Fun, and try to imitate, but sharing the stage/scene with them informs the process in a different way and should lead you to your own conclusion about everything surrounding the music.

So this single is a split? with Naomi Elizabeth and tik///tik. Naomi seems like an art project turned band. I get the sense that's probably a persona she came up with for this pop electronic music, blondie, yaz, minimal synth. At it's best it's vaguely Magnetic Fields, but the videos are really trying hard to be dismissable, then there's the NSFW section of photos she wants $10/month for..... where is that line of playing something so ironic that you actually aren't anymore? Of trying to intelligently talk about cultural porn imagery, without becoming a part of it? Or are you just attracting that kind of attention and not having a dialogue about anything at all.

On to the far more interesting tik///tik...this is something that would impress even black dice. The amount of noise/glitching here is impressive, really testing my ears. If I have to turn down laptop speakers to where it's nearly inaudible because I'm scaring myself and the cats with undiscovered sound waves, then you have achieved something most bedrooms full of effects pedals can only dream about. Nice work guys. Truly testing patience and eardrums. Holy S asterisk asterisk T.

The description of a single being 'gone instantly', gets me every time. Why am I such a sucker? What's going on? Why didn't I know about these guys?

Entropic Tarot still has a paypal button for this as well, but it might not work, I haven't tried to click through...seems like they have some other things I'll have to look into as well....throw it on the virtual pile.

Either way deathbomb arc has some copies left, and here's what they have to say:

E///T-19 (on Entropic Tarot)
Long long overdue debut vinyl for THE tik///tik. Deathbomb and tik///tik have a long history that hopefully you have followed, but either way, now is the time to grab a part of history. Not noise. Not industrial. Not noiserock. Not glitchcore. Slightly pop vocal dreamboat. This will be gone instantly.

I'm working on that map/flowchart/mess now by the way for the forum section.

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