Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The crash that took me on PIAPTK

This was another single I added on to my order because I saw the earlies mentioned. I got a single from them a while back, a picture disc, and I was into it, very shoegazy...so I thought I'd try this out.
Mike emailed me right before I left to go to the west coast about coming to NY with some band he knew playing some shows. So I went to Olympia and he came to NY. Ridiculous. Oh well, I just have to go back. I didn't do much in Olympia, I tried to stop by where KRS was supposed to be, but it just looked like an abandoned warehouse. There were a lot of pickup trucks with gun racks...I didn't stick around very long.

Idol records, in Dallas, TX along with PIAPTK co-released this single from The crash that took me ...they have a pretty huge polished sound, on the three tracks here. They describe themselves as pop art rock. It's impeccibly produced...it's crafted for the airwaves and this huge sound.
The first track Purple Clouds sounds really close to what I imagine The Posies, or the Stone Roses would sound like today, that English pop 90's sound. Maybe it has to do mostly with the vocals, Dylan Silvers sounds like Bono practically...that really emotional singing style, everything he says, no matter how he says it sounds good in that super rock way.

The next track Peppermint Orange Flowers (is that like Strawberry Alarm Clock?) is sounding like the Swirlies or the Lilys a bit, sped up, big sounding, minor chords, lots of distortion built up in layers, higher layered vocals, I'm leaning towards this sound a little more than the first track. This leads to 'Into Nothing', this is a slow one, weird vocal effects, violins.
It sounds like they have their work cut out for them recreating this huge sound with a lot of elements and members if they are planning on touring...good luck guys.

It's all on a weird army olive green vinyl, thanks to People in a Position to know.

The Crash That Took Me: Unreleased Songs from the Orchestrated Kaleidoscope Sessions 7". - $5
3 unreleased songs from Dallas "all-star" band The Crash That Took Me, comprised of members of Black Tie Dynasty, [DARYL], MacCavity, The Earlies, etc. Mastered at some studio in England called Abbey Road.

Songs: Purple Clouds, Peppermint Orange Flowers, and Into Nothing.

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