Monday, August 31, 2009

Florida on shdwply records

Just found out about this release from a Volcanic Tongue email. As soon as they mentioned Gary War I had to put on his full length and track down Shdwply records. Turns out Shdwply is based in VA and Florida is right in my backyard! That sentence doesn't make sense. In fact they are playing Sept 18th at Zebulon.
I have been searching all morning to see if Gary War had anything to do with this other than being on the same label, someone correct me but, he had nothing to do with this release as far as I can tell. He has played with them on at least one song on their myspace, but I don't think it's on this single. Oh well.
From what I'm hearing on their myspace it's coming off like a somber bedroom 4 track project. Like Kurt Vile, I wonder how this is going to be reinterpreted live. They can be two separate things, but at the same time like with Blank Dogs, you aren't going to hear the record. Can that be good? Sure. It's very different. If you have to hear everything by someone, and I do at least once, then by all means, check it out. The vibe is going to be very different when this goes on tour. It has to be.
Sometimes it's acoustic guitar with warbly phasered vocals, a little stream of consciousness beck, or like real estate, huge sounding, a little bit stoner 70's psyche. Lots of slurring layers of chorus vocals. They stay pretty clean, it's thankfully not attempting to join the no-fi club of impenetrable songwriting. It is however a part of the weird punk whatever which is getting bigger by the day also.
It's taking it's time to deliver, and I'm into that, like Gary War Raytheonport, it grew on me and puts me in a good mood, just by quietly convincing me in the background.

I found a video for Icarus one of the tracks on this single. This verse makes me think of some of the weirdo later Jason Lowenstein experiments I was never really into. Vocal heavy, the chorus is a nice change of melody against the opening. It really picks up in an epic way towards the end with a touch of creepy. It's a weird combination of an almost uplifting satanic hymn.

I'm in it for the 3D Matt, he's got a few left.

Shdwply says:

Out on August 1st 2009

3D cover with glasses.
Limited to only 300 hand numbered copies.

Pre-order is available:
Paypal: $6.00
Contact: mattdbeck (at) gmail

Volcanic Tongue said:
Fantastic all-analog recording with Gary War at the helm from this new Florida-based Shdwply signing. The A side has a heavy massed-vocal west coast 60s psych feel, with a track that might have turned up on the first Quicksilver Messenger Service LP rendered in the perfect underwater production style of Gary War. The flip might be even better, a dark downer folk ballad that combines the kinda haunted chorale style of Jakob Olausson with a doomier biker/eschatological private press feel that peaks in martial drumming and sad arcs of wailing twin guitar that you kinda wish would go on forever. Shdwply have the most authentic modern umbilical to the heart of 60s psych and this might well be one of their most plugged in blats yet. Could really do with an album from these guys but this hand-numbered edition of 300 7” complete with classy 3D glasses more than plugs the gap. Can’t stop spinning it. Highly recommended.


  1. i believe greg from gary war produced the record, but not sure if he plays on it or not.

  2. Thanks...couldn't find him credited...makes sense.