Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Intelligence on raw deluxe records

I picked this up at Ameoba, SF, because I hadn't really seen it anywhere else, I figured I must have missed it from all the distro email lists. Turns out it's still available I found it at Insound, so get it from there or your local shop maybe has one left.
The Finest Kiss blog has a lot more intelligent (ha) things to say about them then I do, so go read his damn fine summary of the band. I was just hearing a lot of noise about their Fake Surfers LP and this single, so I knew I needed to just check them out, and of course this single would be the perfect starting point, needless to say I have since picked up the full length, and the wounded Lion cover out of nowhere really threw me, how did I know these lyrics?
Basically Lars from A-Frames started this project which has since been picked up by In the Red awho released their 'Fake Surfers' which I've been playing a lot lately. In the way I liked the Times New Viing full length, which I still feel is the definitive sound for that moment in time, good or bad, it's what I think was a turning point, some kind of logical conclusion of sound, etc. It's just not something I can put on and work around. It demands all my attention, I mean... I can't even read when that thing is on. I'm torn, I never want to listen to it for that reason, it's a really selfish record.
Fake Surfers will definitely have more longevity for me because they are actually focused on a melody and creating something that isn't an experiment in testing some kind of low-fi hypothesis. This sound is primarily interested in having a good time. Maybe if that's your starting place, and I can hear that, then immediately I'm on your side and cut it a lot of slack.

Fake Surfers is the catchy punk of Nodzzz and the fidelity of Times New Viking, with a lot more acoustic guitars. I think they have a restraint in the writing and recording, minimal at times that reminds me how the simplest things can be the best some times. Maybe it's out of confidence maybe it's the approach, but it's relateable.

'Reading and Writing about Partying' has the fidelity of sandpaper. Starts out with a little nod to surf reverb guitar, just some picking until the main melody takes over. There's a great low end to the guitars that really rumbles, it's a live recorded sound I love immediately. The melody that starts up cut through everything.
Nice breakdown parts that just consist of the kick drum, holding back for a minute until the just plain weird melody starts up again. Is it the joke about intellectualizing partying? Then constructing a great party sng about that. Oh, it's working on all kinds of levels.

'Like (x7)' works with this repeated strong guitar line kind of a scale up and down, punctuated with cymbal crashes. All crunchy guitar, and blown out vocals repeating like like like like like like like all the way to the end where higher guitar harmonies crank it all up to an insane finish.

I'm a little late to catching on, but I'm liking this enough to go track down their first two full lengths.

Intelligence - Reading And Writing About Partying 7" (Raw Deluxe)
Raw Deluxe is pleased as punch to bring you the latest vinyl offering from Seattle's INTELLIGENCE, the pop-assault cluster fronted by dude-wonder LARS FINBERG. The swirl of "Reading" offers an until-now uncharted foray by Finberg and Co. into what can only be described as the carnivalesque. "Like" is, like, totally ridiculous: a powerful stomper with air-tight guitar work, recalling the choicest moments off "Icky Baby.".

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