Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Drums on Moshi Moshi records

The Drums are set to play Mercury Lounge next week and then I noticed an import single from them on the great Moshi Moshi, it's all coming together and I gave their myspace a listen.
The track they have available there 'Let's go surfing' is the A-Side on this one.
They have a similar energy to the Shout Out Louds, it's pure sincere unabashed pop, the belted out vocals are really winning me over. Combined with an ironic free melody and the best use of the whistle since Peter Bjorn and John. It's you-don't-know-any-better high school love.
I'm not going to explain what it is about this that I wanted to talk about. I can't. I won't make sense. Call me optimistic for some reason. I can use a good dose of this every once in a while. It's inexplicably catchy, it belongs on a soundtrack already, a kind of smart, funny Adventureland, when for a minute they forget about their shit lives and mess around at Coney Island...there's probably a food fight involved, and blurry polaroids.
But about surfing? It works.
They also list the Shangri-la's as an influence. Do they even realize the impact they are having on today's indie rock? Especially on 'Down by the River' the slow reverb ballad, updated with a bass synth, the harmony chorus classically working.

Here's hoping this is going to be for sale at their show, or it will just live on in the (actually I haven't bitched about this in a while....way to go with the 7" USA) I wish I lived in England for a minute. And I have to ask...how does a single from a band based in Brooklyn end up pressed already on a label in the UK? Oh Moshi Moshi...you tease.

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