Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby birds don't drink milk + Boo and boo too split on Lovely Sea Records

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk / Boo and Boo Too - Split 7"

Got an email last week about this new label from Kansas: Lovely Sea Records and their debut split from two bands: Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk and Boo and Boo Too.

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk really take their time on the track on the A-Side(?), 3, with slow chorus guitar picking and loops, all fed through huge reverb and delay gradually building the tension for at least two minutes. You start to hear things in the mix of shimmery chords, until the drums come in over the instrumental ambiance, somehow in perfect time. The vocal quality hits shoegaze in the ... way back in the mix, doubled up with plenty of space and sustain. I think it might just be the melody, but it's reminding me of Radiohead. This is all choreographed so perfectly, the changes, the just enough payoff to want to hear it again.
It all builds up to an epic climax, cymbals crashing, bent over spaz guitar but they haven't even supernova-ed yet. A brief pause of haunting a capella vocals and then in blistering even better than Mogwai fashion they come back seconds later to completely kill it. It's impressive, they're exhausted, I'm exhausted.

They have a bunch of dates in NY here soon and I'm going to try to catch them at the Cakeshop on the 19th. I love that place. They also hit Shea Stadium on the 18th and DBA on the 20th.

Boo and Boo Too have the flip side and these two really have a lot of the same qualities. On this track 'I am the Lorax', it's more bass and drum driven, and I really get this ominous halloween quality on this one. There's pipe organ and b-movie samples through effects and the vocals have this dry monotone reverb delivery, like my old favorites Deadbolt, except Boo actually shocks you a bit when they let loose with the emotion in the chorus. They have a hyper Crystal Stilts feel, (maybe it's the dissaffected vocal?) that major wave of sound that would make any of those 90's shoegaze punks proud.

I'm glad I was clued into both these bands, really great offering from both of them, this split is smartly curated, both bands are working with the same elements and compliment each other perfectly. Really great stuff. I've been purposely waiting to check out their myspace offerings, focusing on these two tracks this weekend, but I'm so curious where both of these bands could be going and have been.

Get it from Lovely Sea Records or Chomp Womp who has something to do with this release as well I think... it's on their blog.

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