Friday, September 18, 2009

Interview with Arvel from Empty Cellar Records

As promised here's an interview I did with Arvel from Empty Cellar Records...Part 1. Episode 60. 27min. Immediately after part one you can hear the Joseph Childress side of the 7" single.
We talked about how The Endless Nest collective started, what Empty Cellar has been up to so far, the recording process with the Joseph Childress and The White White Quilt single, and what releases they have coming up.
Arvel started out booking shows, including The Indian Summer Music Festival and working with people like Wymond Miles from The Fresh and Onlys who had a studio and another friend The American Opry who documented the festival and finally they decided to take all these elements and put them together under one roof and start a label.
This all came together around 5 months ago, with the help of all the members of the label and collective and has been quickly gaining momentum with releases like the sold out Tim Cohen of the Fresh and Onlys solo album and The Dry Spells.
Empty Cellar loves the vinyl and has collaborated with other labels in making sure these pressed. I love what they have done so far, and what they are trying to do as a self contained collective to release music they believe in.
They have an upcoming EP release from The Sandwitches, Heidi Alexander and Grace Cooper who sang on the Fresh and Onlys records, and have a repress already planned for the Tim Cohen record as well, so email the label to reserve one of the second (and last) pressings.
Amazing things are afoot in California, from the empty watertowers down to the handcrafted labels. Go pick up the single or their full length releases at their store.

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