Monday, September 28, 2009

The Saucy Jacks - Blown like a kiss on Chocolate Covered records

Chocolate Covered records clued me into this latest release, The Saucy Jacks who are from San Francisco and are working with all of those classic 60's elements, distorted peppy rhythm guitar, sunshiny harmonies and heavy footstomping drums.

The A-Side...The minute I saw the title 'Blown like a kiss' I of course take it to a bad place I realize now I don't think they are intending. There's a subtle echo on the vocals with nice call and response harmonies from the rest of the band. Lead Aaron's got a real emotive high up front vocal style that's taking the whole thing into a real contemporary place as much as the instrumentation is trying to stay grounded in that studio pop influenced sound. They're really recreating that huge classic rock sound, contained, faithfully captured with every available mic, and tracking trick.

B-Side, 'Everywhere you go' has a huge dirty guitar riff going in a 'I can't get no satisfaction' direction that leads Aaron into his own brand of wavering harmony that keeps getting higher and higher. It has a driving rhythm full of this great recorded drum quality, especially when everything drops out for a moment and it's fill time. When it drops back in it's twice a big. The high hat and cymbal is so clear and that distorted guitar texture when he goes for the solo is perfect. I think when referencing their sound this line says it best:
After all these years and words I've changed / but still the song remains the same.

I read somewhere that The Saucy Jacks name is referencing Spinal Tap and I can picture the cut to the montage of album covers from the late 60's from this now realized band. They start out with the black and white one where they're in suits standing on the side of a building smoking cigarettes with sunglasses. A little tough, but still coming out of the 50's, working within the confines of that pop song, lots of innuendos, and solos. Then they go a little hippy with the next cover in a field of flowers with paisley billowy shirts. You get the picture.
Available direct from chocolate covered records.

Blown Like a Kiss b/w Everywhere you Go

Classic powerpop steeped in garage goodness.
Featuring members of the Makes Nice, the Mothballs, Harold Ray: Live in Concert, The Rolling Stones, Fault Lines, This is Revenge, and the Beatles.


  1. prunalogsusan6:44 PM

    heck yeah! sounds pretty neat. haven't heard of this, but i think i already like it.

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Good stuff. Caught their show last night at the rickshaw and they are even better live!