Wednesday, October 7, 2009

John Carpenter on mexican summer

I have to admit I know nothing about John Carpenter, but Mexican Summer has had a string of amazing releases...all drool worthy packaging and always low pressings from Kurt Vile and Ariel Pink so I've been keeping them on my radar so I don't miss out on the next anything they put out.
Both of these tracks previously were on a self released EP, but since have been pulled for this single. They're both available on his myspace page, the first, The Seasons is super split left and right. I was half listening at first so I could still hear things around me...ha, and I missed the whole right side bassline, which actually sound like it's an electric, then the drums are all left channel? That's crazy...I like it, and maybe it's myspace? It better not be. It's reverb, slightly surf, dark psyche-60's Velvets guitar. Repeating, heavy effects on the vocals, they're still really clear, just way back in the mix.
The channel separation makes it sound like there are two separate competing songs coming together. I'm getting a late 60's Doors kind of thing here when he starts yelling for a second, or Scott Walker definitely...or even Mark Lannegan, not as defined a voice, upfront dark blues, but something like that.
'Haunt My Home' continues the crazy separation, the guitar on bassline is in the right channel and it's super warm sounding, I want to turn this up. You know those subtle really full sounding tracks that get better really loud. He's really mixed far back there at some points and then Leonard Cohen's you with some deep whispering. John Carpenter has a rock solid vision of what he's about and you can pretty much be sure of the consistency and where it might be going. He's got that disturbed, loner singer songwriter thing...

It's all pretty dark, maybe because it's just unusual in the landscape of weirdo/garage/noise that comes out daily.

From Mexican Summer Records.

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  1. i also picked this up recently and i dig