Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rosemary Krust on dull knife records

I really missed these guys and their anti-genre aesthetic, there's some no-fi songs like Early Fire Song, and then really quiet heartbreakers like 'Blank Stare' where Katherine is just singing, really beautifully, a catchy melody about her heart being a blank stare...
They're calling themselves free twee, which actually was coined by DJ Rick himself...and I'm thinking this is the Yips, her voice with guitar, at least when they get minimal. I guess the Yips fit into that twee thing too, I just never thought of them that way. Twee has such terrible connotations, all I can think of is Kimya Dawson and I want to barf. I'm not saying I don't love it sometimes more than anything but the bad things of twee heavily outweigh the good sometimes.

I'm all behind all the experimentation from RK in that pop way, or with those pop instruments...and I never miss the drums, it's kind of weird to all of a sudden remember I haven't heard a single beat of any kind. They're just working with that droning melody sometimes, it doesn't need anything else. They didn't pick an easy road, but you can't help it, this is it. I love it. The melody with insanity, always minimal, searching for that new sound, or at least an exciting one, the mistakes, the ungrounded cable, the un-preciousness.

I don't know what tracks are on this single, but like I've been saying, it's going to be a consistent inconsistency of guitar and vocals. Can't wait.

KDVS has a great show 'Phoning it in' where they played over the phone a whole set, I love that idea, it even sounds great, check it out.

KNIFE013 Rosemary Krust - Bernt Anker 7"
4 songs of noisy, delicate, barely there pop songs--all hanging together by a thread. The Baltimore duo of Katherine Plummer and William Hardy have a sound that harkens back to a time when twee wasn't a bad word and lo-fi wasn't marketing jargon. Rosemary Krust seemlesly blend the fuzz and fumble of Charalambides with the naive pop of Beat Happening, finding their own charming niche. They've even been referenced as an American version Garbage & The Flowers, which certainly isn't a bad thing. 300 hand-numbered copies.

Get it from Dull Knife Records.

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