Thursday, November 5, 2009

2 x new Great Pop Supplement 7"'s - Their 50th!!!

Hope these aren't gone already but I finally had a minute to mention these two new singles from The Great Pop Suplement genre, you get the second coming of psyche, Wooden ...I don't know how Dom keeps up with this pace of putting out quality releases. He's just one man for god sakes! One man who just released his 50th; a split single with Spaceman 3 and Wooden Shjips? Amazing. If I know GPS, then the digital jpg graphic above is pointless to even put up there...the packaging will be extensive and handcrafted, let alone the vinyl is split colored as well...nuts. GPS specialized in making every release special in some if the recording wasn't enough, and in Spacemen 3's case, true pioneers of the shoegazeShjips to cover one of their songs on the B-Side!. I'm going to admit here, I didn't catch on to S3 when they were around, I keep hearing about their obvious influence and only briefly heard a few tracks here and there. This could be the push I've been looking for, go all out and listen to the history. Here GPS put the demo to their last single on vinyl...I'm sure this was hard to find to begin with and impossible on vinyl.
Honestly, how Dom puts this quality together is a mystery...and with just enough to press on to the next?
The Jack Rose single I'm looking forward to as well, I get into acoustic instrumental Fahey stuff all the time and between him and Blackshaw, I'm into this resurgence of technical acoustic as well. The last single by him on GPS was great, and I'm surprised to see another one actually, but what works, works. He's playing NYC the 20th at Abrons Art Center on Grand Street, can't wait to see him live.
Bottom line, the label is completely impressive, I love the quality of these singles, the detail, the inserts, packaging...he's curated a collection of really interesting, cutting edge artists from all genre's on top of it, and I blindly order whenever I'm feeling particularly flush...wish these could be had some other way stateside, but that's the catch to getting some of most interesting singles ever pressed....
Dom says:

2 x new GPS 7"'s are ready, i'm having to do pre-orders and encourage payments now if only cos' so many people are asking and i just don't know what i have left and the things aren't even delivered yet!

both releases i have had my hands tied on, as regards quantity. gps49 is a pressing of 500 only and gps50 had to be no more than 1000.

gps49 jack rose and the black twigs "shooting creek" 7"

very limited uk tour single from jack rose backed with the twigs, for sale exclusively on november's uk jaunt, but available mailorder from the label in advance. 2 exclusive tunes recorded in nice lo-fi style in jack's kitchen. Jack's last GPS 45 sold out in 48 hours and because there are just 400 commercial copies of this one- as things stand this looks set to go the same way. cost is £4.99.

gps50 spacemen 3 "big city" (demo) / wooden shjips "i believe it" 7"

For it's 50th release the great pop supplement offers up this incredible pairing of like minded spirits, for a total one off split 45. 2 unreleased nuggets from legendary psych rockers from both sides of the pond. The Spacemen tune is a beautiful demo to their last ever single, the mighty "big city". stripped of it's lyrical nod to the electric prunes, but still very much displaying the kraftwerk influence of the original, the softer spoken lyrical passages offer up an almost confessional electro blues variant, unique to this early take.

After 2 studio LPs, Wooden Shjips are often bracketed with the Spacemen, with their blissed out Velvets / Doors / Kraut sound- so it's perhaps of no surprise that they should take on a Spacemen gem for their own reworking. "I Believe It" from the classic "Playing with Fire" album gets the nod for a radical overhaul- where the original's predominantly keyboard lead is given the Shjips' guitar fuzz and 2 note organ treatment. a killer take on an old favourite, debuted recently on the road and offered up here as their first outright UK release. Packaging as ever with the GPS is from the top drawer, cover art is provided by natty brooker (the original spacemen percussionist) and is from original work put together during his time within the band's first line-up. A pretty much essential and incredible 45, destined not to hang around long....

on this one i tried to bust a gut to make it no more expensive than a regular gps release, but when i tell you it's on duo tone colour vinyl with inserts / sticker etc, i'm genuinely sorry to have to ask as much as £5.49 on this one. (one look in the rough trade racks reveals several 45s priced higher than this even without sleeves i hasten to add!)

so for uk orders on BOTH singles it's: £11.50 incl post
for europe it's £12 for both with post and everywhere else it's £13 incl post. paypal as ever is best, on this email address. i must just point out that the uk postal service is knackered- so do bear with me on these! - GPS

More details from Norman Recs, who also have it available to order...

Or go direct and get a hold of Dom at thegreatpopsupplement (at)

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