Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ariel Pink 'Kind of Kind' on Big Love Records

Just found this new Ariel Pink single from a Japanese label Big Love Records...I think I saw it listed on ebay and just assumed it was an old import single I never heard of, but these guys still have copies, as well as maybe Fusetron? Check the distro links below. I'm trying to find a way to get this without overseas shipping.
God knows I love Ariel, too much...and both of these tracks have that great crazy patina of millions of muddy tracks and multiple layers of vocals. The way he skips right into a new melody without any kind of transition, in RSM's Brain, the B-Side, I don't know how you manage to program a drum rhythm to break like this. I have to think accidents play into his recordings a lot, but then again they have to be insanely mapped out...so it's a combination of both I guess. Songs mashed together that weren't intended to be? He records little ideas and then jams them together? As you can tell this guy is a complete mystery to me, and that's why I keep coming back to it. Every last thing is worth tracking down because they are just completely unconventional and I have no frame of reference for them. What I wouldn't give to see a video of the process behind just one song, from beginning to end.

Kind of Kind sounds actually a little more traditional, slow number, he's playing it straight and it makes sense. Could be a cover? It's regular strummed rhythm and even not as crazy vocals. he can be sensitive when he wants...well pretty much all the time. It's just not ever in the way you'd expect.

What are these tracks from? I have no idea, they aren't on anything I've heard. They're very Haunted Graffiti / Oddities Sodomies, so they're amazing.

You can hear samples from both sides on Jet Set Records distro and get it Direct from Big Love's paypal store...but you'll have to convert to Yen and pay who knows what for shipping. To be honest I didn't bother converting it.

Good luck.


  1. Anonymous6:23 PM

    neither song is new. kind of kind = something isn
    't something ...from oddities sodomies, yes, but the preorder version only... r stevie's brin originlly ws on FF>>

  2. You just saved me god knows how much on shipping...thank you sir.