Thursday, December 3, 2009

New singles on Ketchup Cavern Records

I forget how I came across these latest from Ketchup Cavern, but I remember getting their first release from Seagull, 'The conqueror worm' and loving the insane noise/static of the one side and thinking, 'One side?, it doesn't cost any more to put something on the other side? Is this some kind of cruel waste of wax? Was I supposed to carve a groove out myself and consider that the untitled track?' Well, Ketchup Cavern is back at it confusing me again, this time with a Sissy Spacek single sided 7" (see below for the KC video). 22 songs in 3.5 minutes, it's bursts of electronics/screaming/drums...nice. I'm a fan of John Weise and his millions of projects...he seems to love the 7" format and has an impossible to keep up with discography.
But what I really want to get a hold of is the Robedoor single..not just because it's double sided (?!) but because for some reason I thought they broke up or something...maybe I'm thinking of Pocahaunted? Or I just haven't seen anything from them in a while, but here's two new tracks of ambient spookiness from those guys at 33 of course, pushing the format, and theirs to it's limits of reproduction.

Hey Santa, can I forward you blog posts?

Get them from Ketchup Cavern...


  1. Robedoor were on a bit of a hiatus, but there back with a third member on drums. Dude, seek out this 7 inch. Robedoor have changed their game considerably with this new line up. The 'Raiders' LP on Not Not Fun is killer too.

    Pocahaunted have started up again without Bethany (she´s strictly in Best Coast now), and now have Britt from Robedoor and two other members. Hopefully something new coming soon.

  2. That's what I thought...I'll be getting this for sure..endlessly blazing was great...going to track down all of it.
    I saw Bethany was doing best coast now, didn't know Poca still was, thanks Mark.