Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Lovetaps on Super Secret Records

This was sent in from Super Secret Records to the not very secret 7Inches HQ a little while back and I've been listening to it this morning.
The Lovetaps are from Austin, a town I've heard is equally as indie friendly as Portland or even upstate NY, Ithaca, I'd just like to go sometime SXSW wasn't happening actually, I wonder what a band like this does. I'd imagine it's like the classic BMX movie RAD, here's a bunch of outsiders who rampage the town for a huge race and the locals never get a chance except one day Cru shows them what real heart is all about...or something like that.
The Lovetaps are descended from a huge line of local bands, my favorite of which was named 'The Titz' and it sounds like they've settled on this single for a pretty classic rock and roll (Chicago) blues sound. It's got everything from The Stones to The Replacements to JSBX ...a little swagger everyone sings the chorus, and a requisite solo.
The A-Side 'Love Em or Leave Em' relies on that jangly treble heavy electric with half step blues chords, all rhythm with Sean Morales' slightly reverb vocals. He sets the tone with a sort of nonchalant blues delivery, bravado and soul...trailing off because he's on to the next verse already. Don't stop crying now baby baby baby love em and leave em. Don't you ever come out alone? It's a rockabilly country inspired nod to the one night stand.
The B-Side ' Goodbye Sunshine', slows it down a bit in sort of a post 67 stones psyche direction. Almost a ballad at first but Sean gets increasingly distraught almost peaking out the vocals, driving the whole thing in a Joe Cocker direction, he's nearly losing his shit on this one and it's captured nicely.

A tiny edition of 200 from Super Secret Records.

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