Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Sediment Club on Soft Spot Records

Soft Spot Records
released a great reissue of AA's 'Essential Entertainment' a while back, which I'm surprised to see they still have copies available? So if you think the Sediment Club is another band from days of old new wave that deserved a rerelease you wouldn't be half wrong. The first few listens of this single I was convinced The Sediment Club was another brilliant unearthed band I'd never heard of from the early 80's. How they are pulling this off so sincerely in 2010 is a god damn accomplishment. Like the first time I heard Gang of Four's 'Entertainment' it's so completely jarring in arrangement and so awesomely nonrhythmic with back and forth vocals and organ? way. I want to hear just how the hell this is working so well over and over. Why is no one else doing this?
The A-Side 'Panic Berlin Fun' is a bunch of elements playing separately but coming together in such a kick in the ass reaction to the no-fi garage punk scene. It's yelling/spoken vocals repeated, crisp barely distorted guitar, with a solid bassline waiting for this jangly whammy bar unplayable riff to keep you guessing. The organ works off this mess of guitar sounds so well. The title of this track reminds me of a store awning on 14th street, 'Funny Cry Happy Gift' it makes no sense grammatically, forget the articles, blast the message out as simply as possible. This is completely out there on it's own in such a genius way.

'No More Earth' is a frank list of things that will be absent when it all ends. The guitar is so haphazard it's on a mission of it's's eerie how much this could have been the best continuation in direction for Go4 that they never tried to explore.
No think tank / no septic tank / no thurston moore / not any more / No (more earth) no (more earth).
It ends with a countdown to 1, and the songs over, all they needed was 2 minutes to completely smash it all apart musically and forget the whole god damn world, to reinvent the direction of music.
An amazing debut single from this band I will definitely be trying to see on the 19th at
13 Thames Street in Brooklyn.

WFMU has a great piece about this band with a bunch of tracks from a recent station's a shame what an amazing NYC music resource in free form programming I can't listen to continuously. It makes me want to have a walkman again, just to walk around and tune that shit in.

The Sediment Club are a 4-piece No Wave group from Brooklyn, New York. Their debut EP puts a modern and youthful spin on familiar post-punk tropes, bringing to mind the deranged and bizarrely catchy innovations of the Contortions and early Pere Ubu. Four songs filled with existential ranting, squirrely atonal guitars, and spastic keyboard stabbing atop hypnotic basslines and propulsive drums. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.
Get it from Soft Spot Records.

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