Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trust on Red Tape Records

Red Tape records has cornered the market on math/metal in Denmark. There must be one hell of a scene based on the strength of these two bands...first it was Obstacles and their tight, virtuosic unbelievable compositions and then Trust, which feels more classic, combining sabbath feel chords, that commitment to Norwegian black metal, and classic 70's progressive stuff... Yes, Witchcraft...a little Rush, they aren't working towards an impossible show of skill as much as putting this mystical rock feel behind it. A little bit the goofy days of Spinal Tap, Accept, Dio, when things were getting a little out of hand with the spirits and nymphs of the woods covers, but Trust doesn't ever get that excessive or wanky...they keep it reigned in. I could easily believe this was recorded in that period by a band that started it all and influenced all those other guys...like the Harvey Milk of stoner rock.
Mythic Maps Pt. 1, even has these weird chord changes, like Queen or something, I'm into the vocals, I'm having trouble believing this is just two guys...that's seriously impressive. I think Dungen got a little too psyche for me, they would lose me with almost jams...this is seriously channeling Sabbath.... the layered minor singing about the galaxy...I have to hand it to them this is way more complex functioning than most people have not stoned. Ok, it's The Fucking Champs and Dead Meadow.
I could see a kind of Dazed and Confused shot a few years from now about the 90's and digging up these guys for the soundtrack...it has that feel of being at the cutting edge of an old blade. The classic awesome metal you missed out on somehow. This was the good stuff only your older brothers friends knew how to get a hold of...they were drinking out where the cops couldn't find them on the bluffs, and this was their tape.
They handed you a beer if you were lucky and when they were drunk enough they would say, 'Listen to this man it's going to blow your mind....shut the fuck up! Are you fucking listening?'
Some US distro out there, fusetron....midheaven....please carry this and do everyone a favor. It rules right? What did I fucking tell you?

Trust - "Mythic Maps" 7"
Second release of Trust!
500 copies

All music by Trust
Recorded by Trust, Summer 2009
Mastered by Peter Peter & Peter Kyed
Trust are:
Henrik W. Hald: Vocals, Guitars
Lars Buch Laursen: Drums

1. Ancient Amplifiers
2. Mythic Maps Pt. 1
3. Mythic Maps Pt. 2
4. Van Gogh's Ear

If you are a real bad ass you'll go for it and email these guys redtapecontact (at) gmail.com for a copy.


  1. japanther2:54 PM

    Sold. I'll buy one when I get home tonight. How much did this cost you, by the way? I know it's going to be kinda steep compared to the mega-distros or even the smaller (domestic) distros, but w/e. Your description was killer, makes me wish I could still smoke pot. Stupid piss tests.

    BTW, I got that Sonny + the Sunsets from earlier this month. Blue and Yellow swirl is pretty, and that comic was really quite touching (and funny). Totally worth the S + H that I mildly bitched about before.

  2. Ha, I actually didn't get a physical copy, the label contacted me and I listened to their myspace. I keep asking Red Tape where we can get this in the US because honestly I'm too chicken to see what it's going to cost to have these shipped.
    You know I just picked up an Ariel Pink single at Academy for 12 bucks from some Japanese label because there's no way I would have tried to have that shipped here....I gave up long ago. But since it was sitting there, I had to.
    Same with these guys, that obstacles single I'd love to play that for friends who I know would be into it...no one wastes time with myspace links, but I don't think there is anywhere I can get this I don't have to airmail it.

    That Sonny single sounds great, I'm going to put my money where my mouth is on that one as well.

  3. japanther9:35 PM

    hey man, is it possible that this is the same Truth that I downloaded about 6 months ago "Of them and other tales" 1969? If so, is it the same songs?

    (I couldn't order this shit yet due to personal reasons, but still planning on it.)

  4. I've been checking out their myspace, and I don't think so...just found truth...it's definitely not the same band...those guys sound pretty good though have to check them out, but Trust literally just recorded this about a month ago. Hope they make it to NYC sometime.

  5. japanther1:33 PM

    Oh, I see what I did there. Haha. Thanks for the correction.

    Truth is not the same word as Trust. (: