Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Golden Triangle - Fresh and Onlys split on Hardly Art

Just heard about this split on Golden Triangle's blog that came out a few days ago with my favs The Fresh and Onlys. The Triangle, from Brooklyn, I haven't come across before, but that's the genius thing about splits with someone you're already into. Chances are these two are related in some way already sonically, and now that they inhabit the same single, it's official. I'll definitely get this and chances are I'm going to be into GT as well.
Couldn't find any samples of the F&O tracks anywhere, but it's really not necessary. Damn 'Peacock and Wing' is so great. The duo of vocals over a huge room of reverb, they can write a great pop leaning song with enough layers of noise to keep me interested. It's garage and raw, rooted in all kinds of 60's influence...the back and forth guy girl vocals that show up here and there set them apart. The sad part in the life of 7Inches is that I'm so busy tracking down these splits that I just realized they have a couple of full lengths out already. I end up getting a weird impression from the 4 or 5 singles on the shelf, they feel like a different band every time, 'this song is these guys too?'. The sound doesn't get old, with a one trick pony effect.
I have no idea what a back to back package would sound like. That's gotta change this weekend.
So I went right to Golden Triangle and this track, Cold Bones. It's cleanly produced with layers of vocals, harmonizing, that occasionally break off on their own melody. They're still a part of this garage scene though in spirit, not recording style, with that familiar shangri la's base with faster tempo punk feeling chorus bursts. This can stand up without some kind of stereotyped sound that can only work for one album. They're both in their own distinct worlds and I'm getting it from Hardly Art..
Golden Triangle made a split single with the Fresh & Onlys, their
brothers from the west coast. It's 2 new songs , "Cold Bones" and
"Jungle Jim" that don't appear on the Double Jointer album. Fresh &
Onlys' 2 songs are "Head of Steam" and "I'm Not Myself Today". Only
1000 pressed, 300 on fly green vinyl! Better get it fast!

Also Golden Triangle + Fresh and Onlys + Babies (Vivian Girls+Woods) @
Monster Island on May 14th


  1. japanther6:12 PM

    Yeah I know exactly what you mean. They keep surprising me too. For some idiosyncratic reason, I kept writing them off as 'typical garage rock'. Then I saw them open for King Khan + the Shrines about 2 weeks ago. FUCKING AMAZING. I told them that it took me a minute into some of the songs to realize that I was singing along. I knew the songs. Must be a cover, no? Nope. I'm still not even listening to them enough... I know I loved those songs on those LP's, why do I keep writing them off?

    Anyway. I made it up to them at the merch table / after-party (haha i'm making you jealous again, in yer face). I bought their oldest LP, newest 7, and a Cassette that has i think 6 songs.

    This split was not available yet.

  2. I'm a believer, been listening to their self titled all day with a new ear...I've got to stop taking these guys for granted...and if their live show is bad ass then that counts for more than the recording sometimes. Can't wait to see them a month from now.
    Hey, It's hard to keep up with their discography... not that I'm complaining.

  3. japanther2:41 PM

    Yeah they were super nice too. They saw King Khan signing my record, even though I am not really into that. Actually King Khan was kinda drawing all over it... weirdo. But the FaO's all signed their debut record for me too. But they kind of fucked it up too haha. I told them I'm not really a signature guy, but Tim said 'That's ok, I hate it too. But also, I really hate this little spot on the back of the record...' He pointed at the record label's logo which was just a white square with text that looked pretty out of place. 'That fucker looks like a stamp.' Then they all signed in the 'stamp'.


  4. Hey that's why you go to shows right? Sometimes I can't get rid of that record because I waited in a sweaty line for it...just sitting on the shelf makes me think about that buy a record from Jeff Novak himself and that's one record that's worth the 10 flights of stairs to the next apt I move to.

  5. japanther6:48 PM

    Yeah man totally. Except watch out who you are bringing along with you to shows. About 2 years ago Spiritualized was coming through Washington DC and I brought a drunk friend with me. After the show Jason Spaceman (!!!!!!!!) came out and chilled with me and a few others. My drunk friend wasn't real familiar with the music but really liked it. But he asked Jason for an autograph (which is fine i guess). But he only had a Dollar bill to present Jason for the autograph (weird, but ok...). Then my friend asked if he could also 'Draw a penis' on the dollar.

    I was like 'dude...go get another beer real quick'. I wasn't embarrassed or anything, it was kinda funny. But he had no real connection to the art. Heartfelt songs about addiction and losing religion etc... but 'draw a penis, i love your music'


    Also, <3 Jeff Novak. His stuff is almost as hard to keep up with as Jay was. I'm surprised I haven't seen more about him lately on your blog. I'm sure it'll come around again though.

  6. That's my friend Tim, every show. He's awesome, and says the most random shit, but I just run away.
    Haven't seen anything from Jeff in a while...well it seems like a while after the mess of releases, but I'm definitely on the lookout....always.