Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shake Shake Bolino on Les Disques Steak Records

This latest single from Les Disques Steak showed up on my doorstep last week or so and it's from Shake Shake Bolino. I'm a fan of their packaging, really nice heavy glossy sleeves with the half fold on the other side. The art is great as usual, that tin foil They've got a whole cohesive style to the label, and I have to say after hearing everything so far it continues to get me excited about the garage blues scene in France, I think I say this every time, but who knew?
This happens to be a side project with Cheveu guitarist Etienne and Marie Bolino, they have a great sound the two of them screaming along together, out of their heads.
The A-Side 'Don't lose your friends' is all treble peaking out jangly picked guitar, layered, just a little bit distorted vocals from Etienne, it's a slow lazy toe tapper. A laid back Ty Segall sort of guitar centric sound, stripped down, all kinds of texture and imperfections add up to a catchy chorus that goes dark 'Tie them to a bathroom chair / don't lose your friends!', that goes off at the end...when the friends are inevitably gone.
'Please Pony Please' on the B-Side repeats a bluesy country twang riff and then quickly drops off into a harder 70's metal area to rock. These awkward changes are totally their own, and I'm hearing where certain parts of Cheveu come through, but working with just one hell of a garage guitar and drums. This would be one of those raw bluesy sweaty shows where they just win everyone over completely. Another solid release from LDS, the french Goner.

Just 300 heavy vinyls....Write to LDS direct disquessteak(at), or get it locally at this distro I've never heard of Kill shaman.

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