Friday, May 14, 2010

Nu Sensae on Critiscum Internationale

I just bumped into Nu Sensae from yesterdays post, they are split # 2 on Swill Children, next thing I knew I was on their myspace looking at this single on Critiscum Internationale. Then, it always happens this way, I read a post from Weird Canada about a huge festival they curated with Paul from Mammoth Cave Records that Nu Sensae was a part of in Vancouver. Sometimes things all come together like this and I think 'OK, I'll look them up already! Shit!' So here I am listening to some pretty intense bass and screaming from Andrea...they are a drum and bass duo not going so much punk as just straight ahead pummeling rock, manic tempos, playing as fast as possible with a hint of melody but the vocals completely drive the sound like Be Your Own Pet, a little snarl, lots of attitude. That 'I don't give a fuck' Kim Gordon delivery with more raw aggression. They're the kind of band that could only exist on these recordings in the way they do thanks to countless live shows honing this force. Everything starts with a bang and distorted basslines. I was a little surprised to find out it was just the two of them actually, it's an amazing racket...and really all it does it makes you want to catch them in a basement somewhere kicking ass.

Couldn't find a site anywhere for Critiscum Internationale so I think the best thing to do to would be to contact nusensae(at) for a copy of this.

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