Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Panda Bear Paw Tracks Preorder

The great Panda Bear singles hunt is on this summer, starting with this preorder from Insound, which was literally the only place I found it so far...nothing from Paw Tracks or anyone else you can give money to to guarantee you hear what direction he's headed next.
Speaking of that direction, I'm deliberately waiting for the needle to hit this record. Think of the difference between Strawberry Jam and's almost two different bands, tow very different approaches to sound, first they took the muddled freak folk jam sound and cleaned it up so you could even understand (well at least hear) what they were talking about, which was baffling. All of this only to mash it into a real sound of the moment in Merriweather. If that's going to stand up in future decades it's only going to be because it was the OK, Computer of the year. enough amazing chances with experimentation and electronics to close the book on everyone else. That was it.
Then Person Pitch became what Pet Sounds should have been...all the hype of that album I never got I could relate to hearing this for extended periods of time in commuting or just zoning out doing dishes. Except every time I would think, I'm really going to study this and take notes, I would inevitable end up enjoying myself and putting the pen down. I imagine that happened to Timothy Leary a few times.
But where Panda could go next is anyone's Lisbon Portugal going to effect this? I'd definitely bet on it...will it be some kind of El Guincho, folk, flamenco, Gregorian chant hybrid? Probably. The point is, it's probably not going to be anything like Person Pitch, but equally as amazing because if nothing else the members of Animal Collective have proven they are willing to commit to completely out there ideas and sounds and are talented enough separately to pull them off. Not only did they take a chance on an OK, computer moment, but they follow it up over and over with something that keeps raising the bar.
I should probably set up a news alert from Google for this one, but maybe they just press more of these so it isn't a situation like 'Pills', I'm glad I got one early, but based on the prices of some of those auctions this could be out there on a lot of turntables.

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