Tuesday, May 11, 2010

U. S. Girls preorder on Atelier Ciseaux Records

U. S. Girls, who I haven't actually sat down and listened to an entire full length yet, so all of her singles will have to do...actually I think the only other track I have from her is on the 4 way philly split from Kraak Records so I have to get on these 2 full lengths from Siltbreeze. Remi from Atelier Ciseaux records let me know about this single he's releasing June 15th, and is up for preorder now.

Meghan Remy is U.S. Girls and what she does with the haunting electronics and a disembodied heavily effected voice is remarkable.

'Lunar Life' is an example of how an artist with nothing at their disposal can literally pull songs out of thin air. There's hours of tinkering and a love of unnatural sounds throughout. Recreating this is going to be problematic, but can allow for amazing reinterpretations of these heavily sculpted specific tracks. A tiny cheap demo organ beat provides the base for a warbly organ that matches her distorted vibrato cries. Towards the end Meghan is singing along with a high pitch mess of an organ melody and the two start to harmonize in a magic way that becomes another sound on it's own. Like Zola Jesus, she's playing within a barest of bones structure, the delay and looped repeating melodies become haunting and hypnotic. It's a scary desolate world sometimes.

'Take Over Dynamix' features a warped simple guitar melody with ungrounded cable crackle, background minimal drums and vocal sounds. Her vocals are always buried, barely discernible
from the monotony of machines, they are the only sign of humanity almost struggling to reach the surface in this kind of overwhelming oppression. There's nothing like it.

If you really want this, don't ask how much it's going to cost to ship trackable from AC in France, money is no object!
The only saving grace might be shooting fusetron an email letting him know how much this needs to be distro'd stateside.

U.S. Girls - Lunar Life
7’’ + mp3s
300 copies - silkscreened artwork on recycled paper
A. Lunar Life
B. Intro/ Take over Dynamix
U.S. GIRLS = Meghan Remy / Artwork by Meghan Remy
Atelier Ciseaux #04 / 2010
OUT JUNE 15 th
Thank you !


  1. Today this cost $12.32 in U.S.A. money at 1 USD per 0.77 Euro. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. That's not terrible, but you are way too trusting of the postal service...Good luck...that's a keeper.

  3. I haven't had bad luck with French post. Italian post is a real gamble. The worst thing about ordering from labels in Europe is that that they have too much faith in their own postal service workers to handle fragile packages with enough care. Most labels do package records appropriately, but I've seen more than a few just drop a record into an envelope all by itself...or maybe with some feeble bubble-wrap. Caveat emptor, for sure...but I do feel lucky with the French!

  4. I'm convinced mostly it's the carriers in Brooklyn, that most of the damage is done getting it to my apt, no matter how it's packaged. Like the guy in better off dead. But now that you mention it Les Disques Steak always makes it as well as these from Atelier.
    If I learned anything from 7" sellers on ebay it's that Italy is a lost cause. Don't even try it! They are really missing out on some sweet seven inches....and mail.