Friday, June 18, 2010

Interview with Darren from Velocity of Sound Records

Darren and Todd have been collaborating together as Eohippus for well over 13 years. Somewhere along they way they started Velocity of Sound Records to press some of those songs into the sweet grooves of a 7" record.
One of them was mailed to 7Inches last week and and I called up Darren after checking out his 'Living life on Opium' 7" and the genius video that went with it. We talked about the mysterious 'Bobby' from the video and the 2 EP's available on their website as well as nerding out big time about records in general and how the kids today don't realize how good they got it. Like, how they can just listen to an interview with Velocity of Sound anytime they want, and paypal Darren for singles from anywhere in the world.

Download it here (30min 28mb).

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