Thursday, July 15, 2010

Radians on Mammoth Cave Records

The Mammoth Cave has been steadily pumping out the talent on single after single from up north recently...north and very far west.
Paul, who I think is a part of this project, as he is most everything on Mammoth Cave in addition to starting up the label also writes for Weird Canada. I've been reading Paul's stuff since the 7,10,12 days and he's got damn good taste in all kinds of stuff I agree and disagree with, so I was excited to hear he was actually putting some of those concepts into practice, but I didn't realize it was with so many different projects. And this isn't even the half of wonder I haven't been able to get him on the phone for an interview...
Paul is as always playing bass on this single, and their myspace page is down or nonexistent as well as any other info about this Radians incarnation.

The A-Side 'Iran' ...why do I keep thinking of that flock of seagulls song...The minute I look at that title I'm singing that song, and the worst part is, it has nothing to do with that part of the world....but neither does their song either...I think it's about running. Can't say I wasn't a little disappointed. I want someone to tackle that shit in an intelligent way, there is a way to combine politics and music. Maybe it shouldn't be, but that doesn't mean we have to stop trying. Oh but these guys are from Canada...well fuck, no wonder, they didn't start any of this mess to begin apologies.
'Bad People', the B track is the strongest one for me, super Isaac Brock sounding vocals which I don't have a problem with. It's about time in fact someone took that sound back since it's been practically been completely ruined after the fact. This one starts off as the obligatory slow breakdown B-Side and then floors it into the layered thin vocals sitting right on top of the whole mix. There's a pretty slick guitar solo that breaks up the freight train, and the whole package is well taken care of separated sounds for such a bouncy pit of riffs.

First 7" in a series of 5 planned limited singles with artwork by Seattle's C.M. Ruiz, Radians features members of Myelin Sheaths (HoZac/Bachelor) and Fist City (LP on Deadbeat soon). Weird Canada calls it 'granular, anthemic pop' which is probably pretty much exactly what this single sounds like. Take a chance.
1st (and only) pressing of 200 Black (Only 95 left after Wyrd Alberta Travelling Fest)

One and only pressing of 200!!??? I don't know if I really deserved it, but thanks guys. Put an order together from Mammoth Cave already.

I really missed the lyrics on this one...The Radians just freaking let everyone know myspace is dead!
In the vocals on the track and their deleted myspace page - go check these guys out instead at Muxtape. Then they even go on lyrically to get crazy political and go after the evil Americans. What am I deaf???

Myspace is dead (one lyric in Iran - "you are just a Myspace loser") but

Also - Iran is totally political, the refrain "you're wrong you're wrong you're wrong" is directed at Glenn Beck of all ppl, and the whole song is about the increasingly illiterate American (ha!) populace whose politics are skin deep, ruled by fear and consumption.

You want Hussein hiding? / we got Hussein hanging!

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