Friday, October 1, 2010

Interview with David from Chaffinch Records

Everyone knows there's no money in hit 7" singles...why would someone take it upon themselves to press a seven inch at all, especially when they don't have a personal stake in it, when it's not even their band? Because they love the music and the format....more than they do making money.
It pretty much doesn't happen anywhere else...sure in the direct arts, painting, playing music etc...but in manufacturing something almost selfishly like a 7"...I can't really think of another example of willing something into the world just because you appreciate the artist behind it. It is because you had some revelation putting the needle on the record when you were 15? That probably has something to do with it.

I talked to David from the Scottish label, Chaffinch Records this week for the podcast, which you can download here.

Tracks from Chaffinch Records included in the interview are Sancho - You're my Lemonade from the Close Your eyes split single and another artists on Chaffinch Burnt Island - Between the bars an Elliott Smith cover.

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