Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tyvek on Les Disques Steak Records

Tyvek has consistently been working in this dirty blown out style since I first heard their Sidewalk single on M'Ladys back in 2008 and their latest on Les Disques Steak finds the pace increasing and the vocals staying tinny and distorted, blowing out a mini megaphone, getting ever more punk... but not to them. They can't be oversimplified like that. After catching them live I saw a completely sincere bunch of guys with no pretensions, playing uncategorizable rock. I appreciated all of their work differently after that. If they like to smoke weed all day, or love their cat they certainly don't make it the focus of their music. There doesn't seem to be any preconceived construct of their sound and this single is a another solid step forward in their trash rock evolution.

'Time Change ' on the A-Side starts out with the grungiest guitar, it almost feels like the early Mayyors singles, a near metal sound, clean grungy distortion, with rapid fire vocals...what makes this different then the punk or hardcore cassettes you had to beg borrow or steal in the early '90s? Not much a good way. Just like their live show, this one is a short pile up and so what?
Inter City Walks then takes their straight ahead immediate approach with Kevin and Heath dueling back and forth with ever increasingly glitchy guitars. A new development? By the final chorus it hits it's peak only to have the virtual needle skip on the last word 'om, om and abruptly end.
'Hole in my Mind' on the B-Side is still raw as the steak discs will let it and there's never any buildup, no breakdown parts, The Ramones had that same practical approach. We are here to do a job...I have to say I could do without the tedius stage banter from some bands. First of all I know it's the same thing every show, this isn't the best audience and I read that anecdote from another live review. I just want some honesty in your performance...that can be too much to ask sometimes.

The vocal and guitar start simultaneously on the first note. The 7" is also the perfect format for me for Tyvek. Everything is always about to end and you had better pack it with your best work at the time. It makes the deliberate pauses full of hum and feedback on this track feel like ages, are they really coming back in again?....or is this it? It's probably as close as you're going to get to a solo with these guys.

LDS offers a simple back and white sleeve, the disjointed text spread out, hardly resembling letters. On the reverse is typewriter text lyrics from the three tracks, cut up and arranged out of order, really a perfect representation of the band, no frills, back to basics like those xerox punk sleeves, they are purists of the form, in all possible ways. Keep it simple, get rid of the excess and create poignant bursts of rock. Tyvek is reinforcing their stance on all of these things in this latest single.

But you're going to have to look hard for this one, at Fusetron, maybe SS but maybe this kind of raw honesty maybe shouldn't be so easy to find.

Go listen to it on Bandcamp and then suck it up and trust the overseas shipping for this single on Les Disques Steak or your favorite importer.

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