Friday, February 10, 2012

Sros Lords on Urinal Cake Records

Here's a single from a relatively new label out of Detroit (?) that not only went right after the Johnny Ill Band for their full length, but then I'm seeing they have a new Druid Perfume album coming? And this? Sros Lords? And is this glow in the dark vinyl? Holy Christ...does they have money to burn or what? The Johnny Ill full length is really great, been listening to that nonstop since catching them at Moon II.

The A-Side starts out with "Evil Spawn" and right off the bat you have a chorus of ugly messed up organ chords with a fuzzy, thin electric worked in there, plunging into a decidedly Sabbath riff. The thing I like about really fringe Death Metal is the inherent ridiculousness of it, I mean the more serious those guys get, the more awesome it is because I mean come on! No one actually is doing anything so god damn important here. It's nice to see guys like Sros Lords having fun so seriously...or not fun exactly, but love what they do. That's why I can really appreciate a band like this that's not even hiding it. Personal and the Pizzas or Hunx has the garage side of this kind of thing sewn up, but here's Sros Lords to step in and say, we're going to barely play a few of these chords. It sounds like they met in the cafeteria, this guy wrote some awesome lyrics about getting his dick bit off by some kind of insect terror and then they came up with an awesome name, plus a great sleeve of course.
By the way up and coming bands, the part about having a bunch of singles is, more opportunity for art...I mean remember those Jay Reatard singles? Not to mention the Final Solution stuff...forget the full length and in this case, these guys must have notebooks full of satanic sketches for a box full of singles.
I really want to believe these guys got together for a weekend and wrote these two songs, like this was some kind of challenge. I'm all for this kind of tomfoolery, it's got a sense of humor, not trying too hard, the organ and guitar and drums almost rehearsed too much in this's a little too stiff...but this must have been the sober day after when they realized the stuff they recorded the night before was a complete mess.
Far off vocals, surprisingly no effects at all, a tiny distorted amp drives this distorted on the edge of stoner jam.
I used to love these guys that came up with the most ridiculous ideas for songs in the middle of the day, without even trying they wrote the best things about lunch ladies and peoples cars. If it wasn't creepy someone needs to find these stoner bands who aren't so god damn self aware...Sros Lords have all the time in the world to go carve pentagrams into school property.

B-Side, "The End", you can guess this is about the apocalypse, with a great use of a theremin? Or moog? and did I say great? I mean completely weird. You know that Tim and Eric electronic band on their DUUNGEON show? These guys could open for them. I believe it, this isn't a put on, it's primitive junk rock, a pile of ideas put together and they get infinitely more done than any other jerk going to work at their terrible cubicle everyday. This is the music for the 99%. Art brut metal.
There will be no test, everyone wil pass this one.

Be sure to check out the xerox liner note card with...guess what Tabs! Does this label demand how to for all their artists? I love it.
Lyrics that didn't make it to the final cut, a black inner sleeve and glow in the dark vinyl, listen to it, you don't even need to light candles. Is it radioactive? probably.

Get it from Urinal Cake Records.

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