Friday, May 11, 2012

Aaron Roche (collaboration with R. Stevie and Shahzad) on La Station Radar Records

Aaron Roche emailed me a couple weeks back about his latest single on La Station Radar Records which happens to be his collaboration with R. Stevie Moore and Shahzad Ismaily on separate sides of this single. I'm always happy to talk about R. Stevie, he's really an inspiration and forefather in a lot of ways to literally everything going on currently and it's great to hear him working with this generation of fans and artists working alongside Mr. lo-fi. Getting the recognition he deserves and within his's a great thing.
Aaron himself is a multitalented instrumentalist who's responsible for the arrangements and playing pretty much everything on this..there's not a whole lot of info out there, and coming out of the gate with Stevie is an impressive served up on a seven inch platter.

A-Side's "Cyclocardoray" has a massive dense sound, huge chorus guitars, real dreamy, winding up violins, (probably real ones), they pulled some orchestral musicians in here, going for the extreme opposite of lower fidelity. Extremely laid back; acoustics, slow brush rolls on the snare, coming off like Beck's Sea Change album. A little bit blues but more psych if you can lean that way weaving this slow ride. The lyric influence from Stevie is definitely evident in even that song title and baritone backing vocal...this is a real restrained, ultra slow number, just trudging through molasses, all the vocals blurring together in a low muddle of whispering. All the instruments are epicly recorded, with lots of room, jazzing it up with fills, free to improv around, a real space daydream that grows and grows to multiple vocals layers and delay on strings, brass woodwind and ... who knows, they pulled out the stops to get this almost full orchestra drone, an overwhelming pile of etheria.

"Synthessiah" on the B-Side is with Shahzad Ismaily and is a lonely acoustic surrounded again by big time space, weird little blips and muffled glitches, it has a real quiet, almost intimate, home recorded space, but with an epic, regal distance around it, like Sufjan can. Really close and far at the same time. Quiet almost whispered vocals pile up on each other. Rapid scratching of a metal string with the underlying room tone of a spaceship. Aaron's taking this as 'produced as possible' approach without getting too shiny, just clean sounding, and I think that's a hard thing to do, to consciously go this overboard, but not too compressed and gated, working at capturing those interestong sounds in a really perfect way....the subtle sine waves fading in and out. Another side of that nearly ambient pop kind of sound. Big and airy... acoustic sludgy psych. That's the twitter review.

Get this one from La Station Radar or a local distro near you.

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