Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bazooka on Dusty Medical Records

I've been staring at that cover from Bazooka for at least a week on my desk now trying to imagine what kind of sounds were going to come out of this one. Crazy electronics? A bashy experimental duo? Neither actually, more of a polished pop punk sound from Josh Macero (Thomas Function) and Raidy Hodges (Amber Alerts, Church of My Love, Really Loud Hamburgers)...that figures, I'm hearing a lot of that spiced up punchy punk from that old single on Tic Tac Totally. I guess that means Thomas and Amber Alerts are retired? Well it was time to move on to Bazooka I guess, those riffs need a new home.

A-Side "Jupiter" sounds like these two chose the drum and bass as their weapons of choice and deliver a Devo sounding kind of nerd rock. The same kind of surprised talking delivery, with a lot of straight ahead rock in here. Big stomp, cave man style 4/4 beat at first, kick and tambourine, getting ballsy right away but keeping it simple.
A song about the actual planet, perfect for this vocal delivery. Going for big and catchy with lots of chorus arrangement. If you aren't looking for it, it sounds to start like that Cheap Time, Jeff Novak kind of melodic punk, maybe because it's made up of such few elements. You have to go for that big interesting melody because there's not much to work with. Make a big impression, direct the rhythm, not much to fall back on so it better deliver.

B-Side's "Back to you" then goes for a weird country-folk sound, a jangly acoustic rolling along that gradually gets more and more organized. A big sing-a-long chorus of na na na's. It's even a little bit Dylan in this unexpected vocal, maybe making this deliberately more rooted in everyday, he's a real guy, and I'll take this over any kind of overproduced showing off any day of the week. A pleasant indie jam...now leave that poor chicken alone.

Get this one from Dusty Medical Records, this track isn't from the single, but it will give you an idea:

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