Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trophy Wife on Private Leisure Industries

Got a single in from Private Leisure Industries, which is a follow up from Trophy Wife and their self titled debut from well over a year ago. This one sounds like more minimal, ghostly, primal catharsis offerings from the trio who continue to polarize opinions.

"Stella my star", the A-Side has a strong echo bassline and definiely referencing Kim Gordon sounding vocals here. A generally big distortion melody, deliberately sounding like it's not meant to traditionally fit together melodically or even in rhythm necessarily, like some kind of statement about songwriting itself. Made up of fills and odd timings, sort of what I imagine a really abrasive contemporary dada sound without being loud....a malfunctioning Prinzhorn Dance School. Really nice vocal harmonies in that breathy cold style...memories of Goo with that bedroom unrehearsed weirdo sound. Offputting in the way that this character has probably completely sold their soul, completely dark, and not a hint of pop.

"Frankie's song" on the B-Side gets a big synth involved... equally as cool, big echo on this strange vocal, really going for a unique sound here which ends up like some kind of impression of dance, a new manifesto for anti-everything.
Don't stop talking on the telephone
This one really takes a left turn and gets really dark, like they're given up, and really can't be friends anymore.
I have to say this is that sort of scary world of girls that I don't understand, the part I can't understand where they're nice to each other, but secretly hating each other for years, and forming pacts to kick one member out of the group. The weird girl bullying that's different for guys? It brings some of this up. You're getting a glimpse into that world and it's impossible. Like this cover, she's laughing at you.

Pick it up from Private Leisure Industries who are offering a very public single for your purchasing.

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