Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Cinnamon Band on Funny/Not Funny Records

Today we've got a great duo of songwriter/guitarist John Harouff and Drummer Neil Campbell who are The Cinnamon Band full of completely classic big riffs, drawing on that kind of emotional southern blues sound carried on recently by the likes of the Black Keys and combined with a huge harmonic pop sound of Spoon or Ted Leo. Straight ahead powerful songwriting, creating a big, crisp racket on A-Side's track "Black Love' where they come in simultaneously on the first kick beat, right into the chorus. Belting out together over the warm slight reverb electric tight strums. Half muted on the edge of that suspense, dropping down to almost acapella, nothing but a soft high hat hit and heavy palmed scratch plink of the strings, but that's almost what they've been going for this whole time. They wanted to end up in this place of huge harmonies, getting a kick out of singing along with each other. A hint of that blue collar Springsteen bandana in the back pocket, sunglasses, gravelly vocals, with a Buddy Holly catchy simple tune you can keep coming to. Made for the seven inch single to easily pick that needle back up and start this all over.

Easy does it doesn't cut it / when you want someone

B-Side's "Tough Love" starts with a wavering high tension reverb this time, springier, warmer...not content to stick with that perfect balance of the A-Side track. That's the corner duo's paint themselves into...you're forced to really innovate being constantly out there on your own night after night. They've got those harmonies going again, and I love that it isn't just doubled up John. They're both contributing to the songs overall energy and Neil is distinct in that higher register. This one sounds more southwestern, one foot in that country territory where it's all about the vocal melody and the rest of this, as strong and stripped down as they make it, is almost secondary. Icing on the cake. If these two songs are any indication, you would end up with one of those full lengths that goes start to finish in a full one rush of simple hard hitting sugar country surf rock. No chaser.

Get this one on Funny/Not Funny Records

Funny / Not Funny Records is proud to present The Cinnamon Band's vinyl debut with this limited edition 45rpm single. John Harouff and Neil Campbell achieve all of their goals on this record without any unnecessary elements. Their unique brand of two man rock n roll is full, dynamic, and loaded with hooks. Their composition is component and clean just like the cover. Their vocal harmonies are reminiscent of the Everly Brothers, and in fact John and Neil have been playing together for so long they might as well be brothers themselves.

"Black Love" from Will Renton on Vimeo.

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