Monday, July 23, 2012

G.Green on Mt St. Mtn records

Remember G. Green's single from Out of Order Records? Well the textured, layers of fuzz are least I hope so. Super limited full length on Mt. St. Mtn. who have been putting out awesome stuff since Sic Alps and the Mayyors. Great wraparound sleeve and I could do with a whole mess of GGreen right about now.

1.... G.GREEN "Crap Culture" LP - $16
33.3 rpm, limited to 300 copies, mtn-08
Sacramento scuzz rockers G.Green are releasing their debut LP on Mt.St.Mtn. Limited edition wax with the Mt.St.Mtn. treatment. G. Green is and has been the musical project of a one Mr. Andrew Henderson and a rotating cast of players (the incarnation on this record includes Rod Meyer from Eat Skull / Hospitals). A quick paced platter of party punk hits on the verge of careening wildly out of control, G.Green’s first long player lands somewhere between Tyvek, “Born Innocent” era Redd Kross and “No Pocky For Kitty” era Superchunk. Look for their singles on 12XU, Malt Duck and Italian Beach Babes. The LP is lovingly wrapped in a double-sided 2 ft x 2 ft fold out poster-cover, a mix of off-set and silk-screen printing, with illustration by Jay Howell and design by Mark Kaiser (per usual).
Sample below:

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