Thursday, July 26, 2012

Plateaus on Art Fag Records

I remember that first single from Plateaus, Beachcomber, which has this kind of Suicide meets JAMC sound, big static snare hits, and a No Age huge chorus to sing along to. This latest from Art Fag is hitting the same notes in a more surfier direction... poppy and reverb, a cavernous hip sound...sort of a polished Wavves. Sunny fuzz on a single. Garage harmonies for a beach bonfire.

Get it from Art Fag Records
We're chiming in again to let you know that we have the new Plateaus in and we're putting it up for sale to the mailing list first. It's a 3 song 7" called "Open Skies" and it builds on the ramshackle melodies of the prior Art Fag and Hozac 7"s to a new peak. No artistic plateau here.

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