Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thick Shakes - Why buy the cow? - on Aurora 7 Records

The guys from Thick Shakes happened to email me about a cassette release they had just put out and I ended up checking out the link to this earlier single from the Boston based fuzzed out garage group.

"Go back to NY" begins with organ stabs that follow along with cymbal crashes in unison, working through this three chord melody, they're all about this stomp around energy, taking it even further with the rising ooh, ooh, ooh chorus. Sort of all overblown, just peaking out, especially "GO BACK TO NY!" which I can't help but take as some kind of reaction to the local music scene and in killing it like this just wanting to take back some of the Boston area landscape. Frantic and calculated, all the pieces shattering together over this basically cave man stomp tom beat. Classic warbly farfisa organ adding that rock and psych collaboration.
"Neighbor's Goods" then comes off as some kind of spazzed up "Boots Were Made for Walking" soulful sultry drawl from Lindsay on this one, washboard raking, static tambourine's like everytime they try to go the straight and narrow and set the mic levels, it just creeps up and over the red the second they start playing.
"Banned from the Laundromat" is more of that windpipe organ bass line and booming back and forth toms, going on like the Cramps now. Severe crunch on the guitar getting real swampy, with a hilarious take on the classic outlaw content. Now you can't do your laundry. SHIT! ARE YOU OK? Can you put some tide in the bathtub and hang them out on the clothesline? Argh. That's the worst!

Get it from Aurora 7 Records, after checking them out below:

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