Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cold Warps on FunDog Records

Got this one in along with that Flexi thanks to Matt, this one from Cold Warps who are on Seth and from Dog Day's label Fundog Records. To me, that's all the endorsement I needed to check out this Halifax/Ottawa four piece surf harmonizing over a gritty power garage pop.

A-Side, "Slimer" has a jangling distorted riff right before this tom heavy groove beating files in. Power chords riding back and forth all the way down to big scuzz and upper register punky melodies. Catchy garage verse with the back and forth between band members catching those sweet surfy kind of harmonies. The whole thing has that loose jangly delivery but driving straight at this chorus. A lot like that Slow Animal single from Jax Art recently, riding the line of laid back sunny surf and dirty scuzzy garage jam. A heavy dose of layering, and a wall of No Age style guitar with a chorus "Ahhhhhh... I'm gonna slime you". Nothing to dead serious or pining after elusive love either. Could be actually based on You Can't do That on Television which is the first thing I thought of pervs. A bouncy pop with that see saw tilt back and forth tune, amidst the stops and starts, switch to a minor key for the refrain, silly fun.
B-Side's "Dream Creepin", a snare roll and guitar bursts fill in this stomp beat. This track is decidedly more hyper with a solid beach fun feel, really referencing that kind of '60s surf harmony, a dirty, less polished 'Surfin USA' sound but then throwing in a twist being a 'Dream creeper' and all. Not something you'd normally be going on about in such a happy go lucky way. Bringing this one fast and tight this time, with some serious pounding against the singalong poppy punk fun.

Did I mention this is on a slime green vinyl, looks like a couple other colors are out there too, with a matchbook style foldout screened sleeve that wraps this whole thing up with great design.
Get this from Fundog direct and while your at it, Dog Day has a new full length shipping Sept with glow in the dark screened sleeves!

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