Friday, August 17, 2012

Teledente666 on Sweet Rot Records

You can always count on Sweet Rot to be pressing real stand out heavy hitters, from Jeffrey Novak to Dead Luke, The Anals and Blank Dogs, so the fact that you've never heard of Teledente666 just means that you are behind the curve my friend (so many baseball references?) and I'm with you. From the reverse sleeve I think there are two members in this Strasbourg, France project, including Seb from Crash Normal (according to Melissa at Future Primitive).

"Les Rats" on the A-Side starts in with feedbacking scuzzy guitar bursts and a super gated cheapo drum machine. More and more squeals of crunchy glitched to all hell guitars or string breaks, ungrounded sounds over the machine and a real sinister sustained bassline starts. Random background basement clanking of pipes and the vocal on this, although in french, is pitch perfect, just slightly off center and creeping behind this dark instrumentation. Virtually no effects, far from the mic, secondary to this driving primitive future beat, it's reminding me of Lust for Youth in their capturing those underground electronic influences, making it contemporary in it's extreme delivery. Or even Blank Dogs lean towards great catchy melodies hidden in the hiss. That bass is heavily overdriven low squealing between the riffs into synth while metallic banging and creaks keep this one in bare bulb underground territory. A little mysterious and the low end really starts to break apart along with the space towards the end of the repetition. I love when someone can take minimal elements like this and still create an unsettling recording.
B-Side's "Panne Sexe" takes another steady thin static beat and works a higher distorted melody ring toned guitar (is that the MXR Blue Box?) into further darkness with a heavy synth undertow. Lots and lots of sexe, even I can figure that one out, and this time vocally he's lost the distant cold delivery and is back there in the distance belting out a weird melody under the single ringing note near feedback. The whole thing is pushed further into distortion, piling on the keys. A great creepy release from a band that hopefully has a full length in the works.

Heavily textured monochrome creep sleeve that says, I am going to scare you. Get it from Sweet Rot, who says:

Having released well received singles by French bands A.H. Kraken, Feeling of Love, The Anals, and The Dictaphone, Sweet Rot returns to France to release the debut 7″ from Strasbourg’s Teledetente 666. Taking elements from all of the aforementioned, Teledetente plays some of the most gnarly sounding, guitar damaged, drum machine punk that we’ve heard since The Anals. The two songs here “Les Rats” and “Panne Sexe” are pretty unrelenting in their all out attack on your senses. Menacingly recorded by Seb Normal. For fans of The Anals, Cheveu, A.H. Kraken, Volt, Pierre & Bastien, etc.

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