Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weird Party on Twistworthy Records

Just remembered the guys from Weird Party sent me their first single a while back, the one with the hunky cover of Shawn, and are back at their hyper spaz, psychobilly punk on their latest EP "The Secret Lives of Men". (Thanks for blowing up the man spot, what about the first rule?), at least that's sort of what I feel like is going on here. Plenty of energy, a sort of bluesy inspired crafted pop punk, but with doses of handcrafted weirdness, like the opening meltdown of "Euphoria Morgue" and it's reverby distortion flailing around, with heavy drum fills, but this is just getting started? Yea, well they have to get this out obviously, they've been pacing the cage, unplugged for days. Cranked guitar riffs ringing out solo to a speed freak verse, Shawn teeters between a straightforward talky delivery and full force nervous high register scream. Doubling the guitar, there's a couple of crazy high melody lines writhing around until this blown out chorus of incredible rawkus finally hits. A little bit sinister, these guys came to party and are definitely going to be the ones to break something. "I don't want you to know" beefs up the guitar with bluesy bends and Shawn is snarling along under this peaking distorted vocal, but can you blame that needle? He's constantly on the verge of breaking down, belting out some of those man secrets at full volume. Lies and partying, they inevitably go together. Muted scratchy speed riffs and blasting big chords, they aren't content to find that three chord laid back punk, but keep changing this thing, running through the paces, a jammed together pop sound that reminds me a lot of The Hussy here, the same insane energy, in love with their guitar sound and calculated for maximum volume, never giveing you a chance to even breathe.
B-Side's "How the Breast Stung" runs into this high melody with Shawn frantically racing to lead the verse into bursts of chorus, and running scales. How these guys are keeping up this energy is anyone's guess, but then they wanted four songs on this thing after all. They break for a raw quick bassline right back into the hyper punk, any sort of rockabilly Cramps thing is positively gone, they're just too damn fast and bringing that party, determined as hell. "Birth Spasms" has a more surfy blues sound and Shawn is all over this cackling like a true maniac in this chorus back and forth across the channels, feeling a little bit demented. Maybe it's this deep riff this time, but definitely the outpatient laugh. There's actually a solo pause of screaming guitar work until Shawn comes back as insane as ever. Remember when I said they were going to break something? They do.

Pick this up on black vinyl with lyric sheet and download card from Twistworthy Records.

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