Friday, September 21, 2012

Fawn Spots on Louder than War Records

I got word the other day that John Robb who runs the great Louder than War site has released a new single from Fawn Spots out of York, England. A duo of guitar and drums, my favorite kind, they're working in this great big sound, heavy hitting, massive chord style that's reminding me of a looser, more spontaneous No Age.

"Spanish Glass" comes in soft with fading delayed guitar tones bouncing all over the place (now that I hear it immediately after the second track, it might be a loop from "From Pierce") to a taught electric melody to line up the bashing rhythm. It's one of those perfect guitar tones, slightly distorted and doubled like something off Bakesale, immediately catchy and taking the best pages out of those late '90s indie rock books. They have the spirit of Yuck maybe, with a raw punk leaning...the drums aren't a metronome and sometimes the guitar is slightly off but it's because, like anything great, it's practically just been written and there's never going to be a better take that captures the sincere sound they have going. They made the right choice. Caveman stomp beat, 1,2,1,2 it's a pure form of rock and roll distilled down to the essence. Both guys chiming in for this chorus with a larger echo and layered distortions. They (and I) are in love with the guitar, it's meant for this kind of noise that somehow comes off as full of joy pop. Long tail of fading feedback, because that's exactly what happened when they stopped playing.
"From Pierce" starts out with one of those made for a pop song electric melodies taking the lead. Tight, contained cymbal and tom bashing on the beat is the only rhythm for the first verse, and Johnathan or Lee is yelling on the mic, trying to hold this vocal above the pop fuzz, when they both join in with no echo in the breaking vocals.. it's reminding me of My Name is Jonas from the band that I can't bring myself to mention by name anymore...they have that smart sound that doesn't come off as too overly thought out, it's all energy and emotion. I wouldn't call this lo-fi, it's crystal clear, the hum and distortion coming only from that guitar, maybe more their approach, which is unabashedly celebrating a sustained distorted guitar in a stripped down punk style, but the texture here is nicely crisp and gleaming. The only shame is reminding myself they probably won't be playing the states anytime soon...or will they? It's a great single that won't let you choose the better track. Thankfully you don't have to make up your mind.

Import only through Southern or Bad Paintings...fantastic single, sample their self released "Hair Play" below:

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