Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lecherous Gaze on Who Can You Trust Records

Chris over at Who Can You Trust? Records let me know about this single from a four piece, Lecherous Gaze out of the west coast band hotbed that is known as Oakland. From what I gather, it can be a pretty sketchy neighborhood and that means cheap rent, giant spaces and neighbors who can't hear/don't care about the huge, stoner, classic rock that is blasting at all hours in that warehouse. That's exactly what Lecherous Gaze is putting together and they just passed through these parts at St. Vitus if that helps you decide to give this a listen.

A-Side kicks off with "Babagazo" which Zaryan Zaidi, their somewhat new lead singer is yelling over and over in a gravely deep growl. Try to google it, I'll be damned if I know what it means, but it's sure to be one of those lyrics that you're dumb friend will interpret as 'banging the zoo!'. It's some kind of insult or dude's name. This is full of deep classic rock riffage, plowing it's way out of that stack of amps. They're coming together with those rattling, sub bass frequencies, shaking the hell out of these chords. Zaryan has a little bit of that Rob Zombie vibe here. A kind of Big Daddy Roth biker gang sound full of leather and metal with the obligatory ridiculously technical solo that's letting you know there's heaps of skill here if you didn't already get that. A Sabbath and Dead Meadow mix at volume.
B-Sides "Scorpion" slowly headbangs in slower chords but it's destined to pickup into a speed line of metal guitar, in a Motorhead style with a cavernous echo on the vocal. Everything is balanced, the smashing percussion and tube-y distortions into a classic sounding ballsy rock, that doesn't sound like it was recorded yesterday...there's some kind of deliberate nice weathering across this.
"Feathered Fish" is a Sons of Adam cover, which one of the guys from Love was in, and that's another perfect reference to what these guys are up to and here they rev it up to a classic metal sounding place with the changes and original phrasing intact. Real snarly, bellowing feel to the vocal and they blow this out to epic proportions, like the rest of this one. Massive dark metal sounds from the West Coast with something of a layered psych feel which has to be in the water, or all that hydroponic.

Pick this up import only from Germany's Who Can You Trust Records.

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