Friday, September 28, 2012

Mikal Cronin on Turntable Kitchen Records

I think I first heard Mikal on that split/collaboration Reverse Shark Attack with Ty Segall and I've been trying to pick apart their subtle differences and influences ever since. Not because I don't appreciate this combination, I just wonder what the relationship was, who influenced who...or was it just their similar sound that brought them together? Either way....It was a historic pairing and being clearly endorsed by Ty put him on the map for me.
This single with Turntable Kitchen marks another great collaboration from Mikal. Singles and food? That pretty much covers everything...all of my basic human needs in one tiny cardboard box. Apparently it wasn't enough work to get a record pressed and mailed out, they wanted to get ingredients and recipe's involved. I have to confess I didn't get a chance to use the ingredients from the last shipment.. I want to think I have enough energy to make crepes or tarts while I listen to tiny records, but they're still sitting there in the pantry. Somewhere though, I do like the idea of baking cookies right next to that portable turntable, making a huge mess. To hell with mint condition, I need to hear this!

This one rounds out the first year of this food/records subscription series and it sounds like they're doing good, I'm sure they'll keep the series going. I could see them expanding into a full length record you get with your reservation, before a tasting menu at an actual restaurant.

Sample the track over at their site, and I think you can still get in on this one...I wonder if in 10 years you'll see a copy on ebay with the spices and recipe cards still.

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