Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shiva Trash on Cholo Punks Records

Mark from his project Shiva Trash, out of San Diego, let me know about a new single he just put out on his own Cholo Punks label and from what I gather (god forbid I actually do some research) is sort of a loose collection of bands aligning themselves under this trashy garage flag. Like dirty beaches, not the band, I'm talking about really gross sand. Is it me or are they spoofing a captured tracks cover over at their Facebook? Ha, that's awesome, a west coast stab at the Brooklyn hipsters. An SAT question for you: A Giant cavernous empty warehouse in williamsburg is to ______ in San Diego. A trash fire on the beach, that's right.

"Bleach Bath" has a dirty, mess of a surf vibe, clean vibrato electric driving out in front of everything in its own single note melody... almost a rolling along instrumental until Mark comes in with a bluesy freakout delivery, yelping about "Super..sti...tion!". Another line of low end scuzz has been rumbling from the other guitar because these guys don't need no stinkin bass. All kinds strumming at speed, bashing the drum kit, don't mistake the laid back surf vibe for incompetence, they're hitting hard with a force that's only going to get better live. A completely bouncy sound, the slight reverb and tempo reminds me of the east coast jokers Personal and the Pizzas, or Midnight Snaxxx. A punk attitude applied with sex wax. Man would you get in trouble if you wore that shirt to school. "Residual Backwash" gets into the true direction of Shiva Trash, which is of course, making a weird, sunshine garage sound with echo plastered on the vocal doubled up from the rays. These rhythm guitars keep positively switching up the melody... one second stuttering in a jerky post punk, devo way, herky jerky automoton, and back to the smooth jangly verse. It's hard to pin their sound down, as I notice it getting darker on that boardwalk, that carnival is back in town as soon as the sun goes down. Up a manic fret scale, getting fuzzier, but still in line with this reverb/big muff sound. Why am I getting the feeling this is at least three surf instrumentals chopped up and slammed back together? Mark's into this phasery sweep in his vocal here, and they don't show any signs of slowing up here.

The B-Side gets into "Gnarly Thirst" which reminds me of when These Are Powers were doing this kind of ghost punk...a creepy, primal dance punk and I think Shiva Trash is nailing the equivalent of dread in their surf/garage it what you will, but it starts with Mr. Dale, passes through The Cramps and then hits alongside The Tijuana Panthers.... all part of the Shred the Gnar/Cholo Punks beach rock collective. Locals only. Unless you go undercover with the FBI and infiltrate the bank robbing surf gang.

I heard they're almost out of these...Get it from their bigcartel store.

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