Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Far Corners on Limited Appeal Records

Been diving into the Limited Appeal Catalog lately and came up with this fuzzed out single from former Turpentine Brothers members (who I remembered from a split they did with Cococoma of Trouble in Mind for those keeping score) and their latest project, Far Corners based out of New Mexico. There's a great interview over at Delayed Graffitification that talks about the million and a half previous projects and a full length coming out soon on good ol Volar Records...(who also just put out this 5x7" box set with Far Corners and Eat Skull, who I haven't heard from in along damn time).

"Ruling the Roost" right off reminded me of that ultra fuzz of Psychedelic Horseshit with the brut melody of Blank Dogs, it doesn't have any of Mike's delicacy about it though, you get the feeling those electrocnics would immediately be broken to shit if they actually figured out how to plug them in. There's a mechanical drum pattern that sounds like it was output to cassette and blasted through a PA... the fuzz is just another instrument to be warped and manipulated. Energetic, distorted vocals... well what isn't really. Repeat the electric melody and it ends up in a fast burst of cacaphony and delay, the bassline is the only thing keeping this glued together. Pop 1280, Gang of Four and Times New Viking, but ominous, these ain't no pop songs... these are out for blood, dirty rotten blood.

B-Side's "Gold Choice", starts with some sort of surf, garage beat, overdriven with sirens of feedback, guitar?...some instrument trying desperstely to come up with a melody, it's under such fuzz that it's barely coming up above the surface of this murk. Higher range electric squealing, peaking so bad it becomes another rhythm, this one is sounding like the Reatards, fantastic bludgeoned punk, hairy layers of junk, blowing the hell out of everything. The crashes of cymbals hardly making a dent over this static and like those giant dishes built into the ground scanning for alien transmissions, culminates into damn catchy power punk. Really impressive to pull this out, makes you start over because you could have been making it up this whole time. Did I invent that phrase, separating everything out of the mess? Nope it's there, and this B-side is great, but maybe the A-side had to recalibrate the ear canals or something.

Awesome spraypainted center labels on limited lilac vinyl, limited is right... to 166, there can't be many more of these left on Limited Appeal who says:

Edition of 165, with 135ish on Lilac colored vinyl, and 30ish on Beige colored vinyl. Record centers are hand stamped and stenciled. Jackets are hand numbered and assembled. The Far Corners contain members of the Turpentine Brothers, actually they are essentially the Turpentine Brothers under a new name.

Check out the A-Side:

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