Tuesday, October 16, 2012

JJ & The Real Jerks on Rankoutsider Records

Joe from JJ & the Real Jerks sent in a couple of his singles a little while back (I'm getting seriously behind these days, at one a day I'm seriously about a month behind already...and I have to start another year end list?) and I grabbed this one with the crazy Hot Rod, pin-up, tiki man style sleeve by Shawn Dickinson of what happens in the first track, thanks to a ladyfriend of course. She's got her hand on the handle and is cranking away in this slick, big roadhouse country punk A-Side track, "The Wringer". This California based trio is making a hell of a huge crisp racket starting with Hoss on drums pounding out a real booming kick/snare beat out of the silence. JJ of course is windmilling in serious tremolo distortion, in a real heavy country style, with a great howl of a vocal that's alternating between various levels of slight distortion, leading up to the big chorus begging her not to put him through the wringer. It's got a hint of something like the Black Keys, the raw straight ahead beefy guitar (almost cock rock?) with the cool, sunglasses at night saxaphone and little richard piano pounding. Stripped down without sounding unfriendly. This is the final attempt, he seriously can't take it anymore, but I bet this isn't the first time either.
B-Side's "Shootin' from the Hip" has JJ taking this right into a bluesy distortion bend from the very beginning, a booming, huge sounding, gleaming garage pop. Pretty epic in scale, and style, ,aking sure to include lots of these impassioned starts and stops, where the whole thing hangs up for a second and blasts right back way down into the gritty garage again. More driving rhythms and a wavery crackling solo that sounds to me more like the southern center of the country, the bbq's and the cattle than what you think of happening in California, what the hell do they have the powerful blues about?

Get this from Rankoutsider Records.

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